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Jul 8, 2009 11:54 AM

Carlos & Gabby's in KGH

Just saw the awning and sign being put up in front of a long vacant bagel store on Main Street. Anyone know about when this is supposed to open? A nice addition to KGH.

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    1. re: dfsny613

      Just south of Melbourne Ave., more or less across the street from Supersol.

      1. re: queenscook

        does anyone know anything abt an estimated open date?

        1. re: shoelace

          I passed by very late on Thursday night and also saw the sign at the former 'Hot Bagels'...A friend just went to the KGH Carlos and Gabby this evening-- so I'd guess it's open. I hope to check it out sometime on Sunday.

            1. re: dfsny613

              Yes, I went yesterday. It was quite busy; hard to find a seat at about 5:30. I had a BBQ Beef Burrito, which I liked. It's not high class food, but for what it was, it was fine. Things are made to order; I asked for the guacamole to be left out, and they had no problem with that. In fact, they asked if I wanted it on the side or just not at all. I'm sure I'll return; I just wish I didn't like this high calorie/fat stuff as much as I do!

              1. re: queenscook

                i also wish that there were other takeout dinner options that werent expensive now, when a shwarma at grill point is $10 things are just getting out of hand

                i went last night too, we got there at 645 and had a table within 5-10 minutes of getting there, and like you said, its not high class food, but for what it is its fine, id say that its not juft fine, its pretty good for what it is, theyre very good abt following specifications and the food comes out pretty quick for a place that cooks to order

                im glad theyre busy, im glad someone is getting business, everyone else seems empty

                1. re: shoelace

                  I just hope the busy-ness lasts, and it's not just people checking it out because it just opened. A meat place should do well with the teenage & slightly older boys in the neighborhood, I hope. I know that sounds sexist, and I actually went sans husband, because I'm more interested in this type of food than he is, but in general, it seems like the younger, male crowd will go for this.