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Jul 8, 2009 11:43 AM

Ocean City - Best Crab??

We're vacationing in Ocean City for the first time end of the month.
My husband is originally from Maryland and loves crabs.
What is the best place to get Crab?

And while I'm posting, any other recommendations for eating? Nothing expensive; looking for summer casual.


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  1. Hard Shell Crabs are tough to get, usually you get small ones at AYCE places at high prices. You can try Fenwick Crab House, slightly North of OC, or Higgins Crab in N OC. You may wind up getting crab cakes which are a better value but crab not from Bay/Atlantic area.
    Other great places include Catch 54 in Fenwick. Best views at the beach and a casual but good seafood selection.

    1. In Ocean City, MD try The Crab Bag, Old Mill Crabhouse, Crabcake Factory, or Crab Alley.

      1. If you want hard shells I would definitely recommend crab Alley in West Ocean City . Higgins are usually good .For good ,very basic try PGN - Excellent broiled crab cakes -some of the best in OCMD - just make sure to get the broiled. They have great fried chicken and ,burgers also hard shells .In Ocean City ,as a rule you are better off not trying to go too upscale - I would avoid Catch 54