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Jul 8, 2009 11:39 AM

Gazpacho in downtown Baltimore?

CRAVING. Would like some now, preferably walkable from Federal Hill (which for me means anywhere between here and Fells Point inclusive). Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if this will cure that craving or not. Tabrizi's offers a daily gazpacho as a take on a soup de jour. They're located near the Ritz and Baltimore Museum of Industry which should be a brief walk from most points in Fed Hill

      1. I finally found your original request--don't know if it is within walking distance of FedHill--but Jack's Bistro serves gazpcho.

        If you get the urge to not walk and travel a bit, Tark's in the Greenspring Station, along with the Milton Inn in Sparks, both offer gazpacho.

        Too bad that gazpacho isn't offered more frequently in area restaurants, especially in the summer months. It's such a refreshing "soup"--and takes the opportunity to incorporate the best of the summer harvest of fresh vegetables--add some lump crabmeat on the top of the "soup"--Divine! FoiGras

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          LIttle Havana's had a gazpacho this spring that was the best thing I've eaten there however it wasn't on the menu last time I was in, and i forgot to ask if it was available.