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Jul 8, 2009 11:19 AM

looking for - wine bar with private room for 15 people

dont want sit down dinner - just small plates and killer wine. private room preferred or at least a section where we can stand and mingle.

not too expensive...thanks

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  1. bar boulud has 3 private rooms in the cellar flr. the smallest one might fit your bill.

    1. Flute (all locations) and Bubbles in TriBeCa do that. Both are champagne heavy, though.

      1. Otto would be a great choice. The apps they have there are inexpnsive and delicious. You can even order pizzas to share.
        Although, there isnt a private room.
        Philip Marie is a nice choice.
        Craft even

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          Inoteca on the LES. They have a room downstairs.