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Jul 8, 2009 11:11 AM

best pizza in elmhurst?

i live just off broadway by the elmhurst hospital. love my neighborhood to a fault. im on a quest to find the best pizza in elmhurst, any help would be great! the competitors i have thus far are singas, elmhurst famous, and yea thats it

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  1. You're going to run into trouble with pizza around the hospital...

    Elmhurst is a big town, and if you go south you will get some excellent pizza. Ginos on bway and Qblvd has excellent sicilian and pan pizzas. The regular pizzas I would pass on. Continue down broadway where it turns into grand and you will reach John's Pizzeria. They are one of the best old school pizza shops in nyc.

    Further down, you get real pizza like Joeys and rosa's, but that's getting pretty far for you.
    As for Jackson Heights, the only pizza I ever liked was the personal pizzas on 74th and 37th for 3.50. Not bad at all. Due fratelli is interesting... lots of different slices and the owner tries very hard. Nothing which transcends good in JH though.

    Ginos and Johns transcend good.

    in my opinion, of course.

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      thanks for the advice. are you not a fan of elmhurst famous or singa's? if youre a fan or not a fan, either way i understand. i can understand why some people freak out about them and why others think its not good at all.

      1. re: icelandadam

        i'm a big fan of both of those, adam, though they don't serve up the sort of thing most people think of when people think 'pizza.' the indo-pak at elmhurst famous is one of my favorite meals but i have to be in the mood. the pie that's something like their 'special,' which has most of the meats on the menu is darn good if you are in a carnivorous space

        1. re: david sprague

          thanks for the reply david, i posted this knowing that there is far better 'pizza' everywhere else in nyc i am just trying to localize the best pizza search. i most def agree that you have to be in a certain mood for that pie! im just going with hope that there is some unknown little mom and pop out there somewhere in elmhurst that hasnt been discovered, im a dreamer!

        2. re: icelandadam

          I've walked in, but I just can't bring myself to order a pie from them. I don't know why. Now, I will eat anything and I am always up for trying something new, but I have a hard time justifying paying for a pie there. Something just doesn't feel right about it.

        3. re: Jeffsayyes

          i used to go to john's it's either like the set of edward scissorhands or like a classic america moves to the suburbs good times 50s movie, love it, felt like 1963 a reminder that at one time america was innocent and content, good times

        4. We also live in Elmhurst and just off Broadway. We love Singas and Gino's Pizza near QB. I love Gino's pizza by the slice. My friends and I used to eat at Gino's everyday, after school, after a short bus ride from PS 73 in Maspeth. That was like 20 years ago...memories... The place is still run by the same old guy though he's gone to Italy for the summer.

          Did anyone try the relatively new place on Broadway? It's right across from New China II, next to Sugar Club?
          Oh, there's a new pizza/pasta place opening on Baxter Ave. I hope they make tasty pies.

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          1. re: tokimoki

            what is this place next to sugar club you speak of? i walk in front of sugar club daily and i cant recall anything new! have i become that detached? im going down there now...also what is this pizza place theyre opening on baxter you speak of? where is it going to be- by the hospital or past it? exciting times we elmhurstians live in!!

            1. re: icelandadam

              I don't know the name of the new place but it's on Baxter Ave between Ithaca and Judge. They're still renovating. I don't know the name of the place on Broadway but I believe they have a neon sign that says pizza on the window. That place is about a year old maybe? We never tried it. That place popped up after the pizzeria next to New China closed a few years back.

              1. re: icelandadam

                The place on Baxter is called Louie's, I believe. They advertise pizza and fresh pasta on the awning. I am very suspect of pizza in this neighborhood so I am not holding my breath.

                It's across the street from Limoncello, by the Triplex.

                It should be opening up very shortly. About 4 weeks ago, they were supposed to open in 3 weeks. Let's see what happens.

                1. re: Jeffsayyes

                  The pizza place on Broadway is called Pizza Bella. I looked it up on Google. Did you try it Adam? It's like 4 doors down from the Sugar Club.

                  1. re: tokimoki

                    i've had slices from pizza bella. it's nothing special- just the usual nyc slice joint: doughy crust, sweetish sauce, low grade cheese. hardly worth going out of your way for. but if you live in the nabe and you got the crave, what else are you gonna do? bottom line is that elmhurst/jh just doesn't have great pizza (but, then again, bensonhurst doesn't have great thai food.) for my money, the best nearby slice is the grandma at peppino's on roos and 61st, but that's woodside. good luck. it might be many, many years before we get great pizza around here.

                    1. re: yussdov

                      i hear you guys. ive tried pizza bella, its like u say just another cheap slice. if i had the money id love to open a serious pizza place in elmhurst, a wood fired oven place. i feel like were getting the short end of the stick around here. luckily, caputo flour is available online. i do elmhurst famous every now and then but only because its what it is. why cant elmhurst have a nicks?????????? and while were talking about this does anyone know where to get caputo in the city besides that place in the bronx?

                      1. re: icelandadam

                        Mi Bella Pizza (7804 Woodside Ave) placed a menu under the door today. Can I assume this is just another vile poor excuse for pizza in the Elmhurst/JH's/Woodside area? I may stop by just to take a look when I'm in the area. Fortunately, Nick's is just one stop away.

                        1. re: Mike V

                          can't speak about this or any other place in elmhurst, but I placed an order for Rosa's in Maspeth and drove down there to get an eggplant pie to bring back to Woodside. It's a bit thicker and doughier then it is usual is when we get slices there, but it still beats anything else I've had in Queens outside of Nicks.

                          1. re: Mike V

                            Mi Bella... I don't know why they are serving pizza!
                            The head cook lady is so sweet and a great chef. I got a baked chicken lunch and it was pretty much awesome (but then again, it's only Baked Chicken...)
                            They advertise daily specials for lunch, but when I went in, all they had was the baked chicken....
                            Other men were having some massive looking breakfasts.

                            This cooking could be great homemade stuff, but no, they ruin it with the pizza. From the looks, it was nothing special at all.

                            1. re: Jeffsayyes

                              Is this the place that used to be called Angel's? I seem to recall a hybrid menu with pizza plus Latin American food.

                    2. re: Jeffsayyes

                      TO ALL ELMHURSTIANS,
                      the pizza place on baxter, Louie's, is seriously good. I've ate there almost everyday. the owner is so nice, he actually cares about what he's doing....and for the fact of the matter knows what he's doing!! check it out for sure. im sadly moving to woodhaven blvd(still elmhurst) by the mall so the proximity factor will suck but ill still eat there at least once a week. 1.50 regular slice! this place is excellent

                      1. re: icelandadam

                        it definitely passes my standards. Very thin crust ,with a nice crisping of flour on the outside. The owners are excited to do business, but at 1.50, how do they do it??
                        here, i got a few pictures of it

                        it's nothting id travel more than 10 minutes for, but it's a godsend for the area.

                        1. re: Jeffsayyes

                          Update: the grandma slice i'd travel over 10 minutes for.

                          and now they are hawking fresh pasta. I had some today. refreshing stuff. I dig it.

                        2. re: icelandadam

                          I tried this place twice since the opening and I didn't like their reg pizza at all. Their crust was a trifecta of dry, tough and overly chewy. Both times, my slice was served lukewarm. Ugh. I don't know whey they don't serve the pizza hot and crisp up the bottom.

                          I know it's really cheap at 1.50 but I rather pay more and walk twice as long to eat at Gino's. There, I always get a greasy, piping hot slice with melted cheese and crispy crust. Not to mention tasty.

                          My hubby was more optimistic and will give them a few more tries. My dad's verdict was like, nothing beats Singa's in the nabe.

                          1. re: tokimoki

                            I went 3 times to Louie's and was disappointed twice. The two $1.50 slices were not good but the $3.00 slice with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil was good. I've never seen the Grandma pizza. If I happen to be in the area and see the Grandma pizza I'll try it.

                            1. re: tokimoki

                              I still can't bring myself to eat at singhas or elmhurst famous.

                              do you like the reg slices at ginos? I love their sicilian , but can't find my taste for the regular yet.

                              1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                Everywhere I go, I always get the reg slice. Sicilians are too thick and bready for me. Ginos was definitely better when I was younger but it's still solid in my book.

                                Elmhurst Famous is a dud for me. Try the Singas pie with Jalapenos and onions. Sometimes, the peppers are so hot that it feels like your mouth is on fire.

                                1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                  try the 'all the meat' at elmhurst famous if you can bring yourself to enter :)

                                  it's the closest to a traditional pizza they serve, and it's a good good value. i dig the indo pak but it's definitely an acquured taste

                        3. re: tokimoki

                          I vote for Rosa's on 69 St even though it's not exactly Elmhurst. I replied to you Tokimoki because I used to teach at IS 73, 20 years ago.

                          1. re: bennyt

                            i love all the props that gino's gets; I really really really like their garlic knots; especially if you take 'em home and throw them in the toaster for an extra crisp.

                            1. re: bigjeff

                              their personal pizzas are great. I like anything there with a big crust. Those brick walls do it every time.

                            2. re: bennyt


                              Gino's Pizza
                              86-35 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

                              1. re: bennyt

                                trying to add link again.

                                Gino's Pizza
                                86-35 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

                              2. I live in J Hts and the best are Elmhurst Pizza individual pies on 37th/76th, Pizza Boy is okay on 74th/37th and Due Fratelli on 37th/77th has great grandma's pizza and wonderful pizza with fresh tomato and good quality I need a decent Chinese place

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                                1. re: semajnot

                                  semajnt: I've been having eat in lunch at Chu Ying Chinese at 67-21 Woodside Ave and I'm pleased. Without soup lunch it's $6.95 (I don't recommend soup they offer for an extra $1.80 which is bland.) Sometimes I take a lunch special home for dinner. Dinner menu prices are HIGH. Nice dining room friendly young waitstaff. They deliver.

                                  I'm a enormous fan of the fresh sautee spinach in garlic with white meat chicken at King Wah on Northern Blvd & 70th St (big portion for $6.75 and worth much more). For lunch it's $5.25 with soup. Its the only Chinese restaurant that I know that has fresh spinach plus they have brown rice which I prefer. I've never ordered anything else. They deliver but I've always picked up since I'm close by. Nice place to dine in.

                                2. just tried 'grandma's pizza' at louie's pizza, 81-34 baxter ave. in elmhurst near the hospital. delicious. thick crust is not usually my thing but this crunchy flavorful crust complements the moz, tomato and FRESH basil toppings just right. we ordered a whole pie and it was the beginning of the dinner rush on sat. so we did have to wait about half an hr (i'm sure you can probably call ahead.) we didnt care. the pie was worth it. very friendly service. next time, i'm trying the homemade pastas.