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Jul 8, 2009 10:46 AM

Any news on Bernal's Sandbox Bakery opening?

Does anyone have scoop on when Mutsumi Takehara's new bakery is ever going to open on Cortland in Bernal Heights? It was slated for April, but did not appear.

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  1. Google tells me this bakery should be at 833 Cortland. That site was under construction for a while. Last night I see there is some paperwork facing the street, but I did not check it out. There does not appear to be much activity there in recent times and from the street it does not look all that close to being done.

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      Closer inspection last night during my dog walk confirms what I saw from the street. Looks like work has been suspended, and it is not really that close to being done. No evidence of tools on site last night, no evidence of workers there this morning. The adjascent clothing store also came and went quickly. Doesn't look good.

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        Thanks for the detail, Ken! I really would love a new bakery on Cortland. Liberty is even sadder than it was a few months ago.

    2. In early June I was having Bernal Heights-related small talk with a coworker of a good friend - when the subject of this bakery came up, he said he knew the people who were opening it. I said I was surprised it still hadn't opened, and he said that they are taking their time with it because they are perfectionists and want to get everything perfect.

      Of course, I have no way of knowing if anything this man said was true. We shall see how perfect it is whenever it opens, I suppose!

      1. The Bakery is coming soon! We have been working with the SF Building Department, The City Health Department and PG&E to get the necessary gas and electrical upgrades necessary for a full service Bakery. I am a perfectionist, and I have a sincere desire to add a quality eating place to Cortland. Automatic sliding front doors in 4 weeks, oven from Italy in 6 weeks...if you have any other questions feel free to post. ( I am the General Contractor and Mutsumi's husband)

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          Thanks for the update! I know it always takes forever to get a place up and running in SF!

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            That's great news. I'm reminded of how long it took Cathy to open Liberty Cafe back in the day. As I recall she suffered months and months of delay where it looked like it was ready to open but one thing or another was not ready... Really looking forwad to it.

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              EXCELLENT! We are new to the 'hood and ready to support local business as much as we can afford to. Wish you well.

              1. re: Absonot

                If anyone is eager to get a small sampling of what we will be serving, you can take a walk down to Cortland & Mission to the Nervous Dog which sells some of her pastries. Just ask which ones are from the Sandbox Bakery.

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                  Excellent. That's super close to my house. Nice to know Nervous Dog is branching out with who it's buying pastries from. Most of them are completely horrible.

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                    2.5 months later . . . any updates?

            2. Walked by on Saturday 8/15 and someone was finishing up the tilework. Looks like it's going to be modern -- it's all white tile, one wall features a wide inset panel of stone. It's going to be a very interesting addition to the neighborhood. I hope they plan on serving a quality coffee. That end of Cortland could use a better option than Martha's. It's not the worst, but this neighborhood would support better I think.

              1. The latest news (Ex via SfEater) is they will open on Nov. 15. Apparently one last permit is needed -- so don't hold your breath.

                But judging by the Halloween decorations they just added to the close-to-finished looking shop, I'm guessing they have something planned for Oct 31st. Just a hunch...