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Fine Italian

I am looking for a "fine" ( read not red sauce) Italian restaurant to take out of town guests to on Friday night. The Enotecca at Del Posto is the vibe and flavor I am looking for, but don't want to spend $52 per head for a prix fixe -- ala carte preferred. Any suggestions for something other than Del Posto? Prefer the Village or Meat Market

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  1. I thought the Enoteca has a la carte as an option? Hounds seem to love Scarpetta, at 14th and 8th Ave, and it sounds like that would suit your needs well.

    1. I think Convivio's prix fixe is less, and you can choose from anything on the menu, if I recall correctly. Not in your geographic areas though.

      1. Il Mulino was perfection. They practially stuff you with complimentary food before you get your main course. Good stuff.

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          I've not been - but I wonder if that might run a bit above the OP's price preference? Though I may be misreading the post.

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            And, though a nice restaurant, wouldn't Il Mulino fall into the "red sauce" category?

        2. The best Italian I've had recently was at Novita, on 22nd and Park.


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            Glad to know that place is still worth a visit. I used to go there all the time when I lived nearby. Union Pacific opened, closed, was replaced by another restaurant that opened, closed. And ol' Novita just sat there quietly across the street, being good.

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              Yep...Still great, indeed. Simple, high quality ingredients that are combined in many delicious ways. I was very pleased with Novita.


          2. Definitely try Scarpetta in the meatpacking district.

            1. Insieme is beyond your preferred area (on 51st and 7th), but it's worth the travel IMO. There's a $35 cucina povera set menu, as well as a la carte options.

              1. II mulino doesn't have prices on their menu? Any ideas how much?