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Jul 8, 2009 10:34 AM

Best BBQ in Franklin/Brentwood, TN

Posting for a friend here: she's going to be in Franklin for a wedding in August and wants to try some excellent BBQ while she's there. Looking for suggestions for a great BBQ lunch before the (eeek!) Vegan wedding celebration. She wants to arrive at the reception with a full stomach!

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  1. Make that short drive to Nolensville and eat at Martin's. It's much better than anything to be found in Brentwood or Franklin.

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      +1 on the Martin's. Best in town and it's a pretty drive from Franklin. Get the Redneck Taco and a workin' man's bucket.

    2. thanks you both for your replies! I will pass the information along to my friend and let you know where she ends up going.