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Jul 8, 2009 10:27 AM

Joe Boo's Cookoo's?

hey all

an episode of restauraunt makeover on food network canada right now is doing "joe boo's cookoos" restauraunt

it has a large wood burning rotisserie with what looks like lots of smoke.. its also a kosher restaurant, but nothing wrong with that..

i thought maybe it was vancouver or somewhere else in canada, but googling it says the restaurant is in thornhill... i've never heard this place mentioned before.. the chicken looks tasty and i like the idea of the wood burning oven.. uncommon for where i live, at least

side dishes look awful but the chicken has me interested

anyone tried it?
how old is this episode?


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  1. Hey Duckdown,
    That show is almost two years old. I live in the area and have tried the chicken on a couple of occassions. Ok but certainly not worth the drive. Nice smokey flavour, although
    the quality of the bird never impressed me. The one time I ordered a half chicken to go the breast was dry. The second time I ordered a whole bird I thought it was just a bit underdone at the core of the breastbone and thigh. The biggest issue here is the price. I paid over $25 for a whole takeout BBQ bird (not huge at all) smaller than a Costco or Lablaw.. Absolutley unreasonable. They charge by the weight of the bird and the cost is ridiculous for a fairly decent tasting bird but of no great quality.......

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    1. re: Porto

      wow... $25 for a takeout chicken. no way in hell i would ever pay that..
      thanks for the information, sounds like another miss


      1. re: duckdown

        It's a kosher restaurant -- possibly part of the reason for the price!

        1. re: duckdown

          I saw that episode yesterday aswell and decided to check it out. I made my way up Bathurst with address in hand, I found the place when the aroma of burning wood hit me. I ended up getting a whole cut-up chicken, it was cooked well with alot of flavour. The price was a bit of a concern, as I wasn't sure how much I would end up paying for a whole chicken. They charge $1.69/100 g, I paid $15.12 (including tax) for a decent sized bird.

          1. re: Harry Singh

            As farmgirl mentioned, it's kosher and that is certainly the reason for the high prices. The cost of kosher meat is substantially higher than non-kosher. And further, the fact that there is little to no competition for kosher wood-fire oven chickens, that gives them a competitive advantage to exploit!

          2. re: duckdown

            You are paying for several things.

            One of these is the labour vs cooking chickens in a combi oven (which almost all Toronto supermarkets use). I'm also unaware of any other Toronto restaurants (kosher or not) that sell wood roasted chickens to go.

            The big one, though, is the kosher supervision. In addition to the extra cost of the kosher chickens, they are paying a supervision fee to the organization (likely the COR) that certifies their food as okay for orthodox Jews to eat.

            Some of these restaurants have a rabbi on the premises to ensure, among other things beyond the obvious, that there are no bugs in the lettuce.

        2. "i thought maybe it was vancouver or somewhere else in canada"

          I believe ALL of Restaurant Makeover shows are in the GTA (or closeby).