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Jul 8, 2009 09:54 AM

birthday luncheon in fort lauderdale

I'm planning a 90th birthday lunch for my mom. There will be around 30 guests.
Any suggestions for a pretty place where the food will be good, nicely served and not too expensive?

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  1. Look into the Jib Room on Oakland Park Blvd. Small place but you may be able to reserve the whole room. Caribbean food, great service and very reasonable. Decor is nice too.

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    1. re: nmurawsk

      I had a very nice birthday luncheon at Capital Grille. The restaurant has several private rooms and I believe they will allow you to pre-select the menu items so that you could keep the price down. They do a VERY nice job for a special luncheon there. It has that upscale, special feeling too.

      1. re: Debbie

        The Jib Room is very good. Capital Grille is very good, too, but also very expensive. You might want to check into Bimini Boatyard. They have a private room that is very nice. The food is good - not great - but they did a nice job with private parties. And it is very well priced.