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Jul 8, 2009 09:54 AM

Help me pick a lunch spot!

I know there are a ton of great lunch deals to be had in New Orleans. To be honest I work A LOT and NEVER take a lunch, so I never really took notice of when the lunch deals are mentioned.

BUT...I have a four day weekend and a girlfriend and I are going to go to lunch either tomorrow or Friday.

We are not pinching pennies...but we do love a great deal...and we'd love to try a place that we normally might not go because it might be expensive for dinner.

Suggestions Please!

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  1. There is only one answer:

    Commander's Palace

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    1. re: kukubura

      This will likely be our choice. We're all about the 25 cent martinis and I haven't been to Commander's in ages...and she's never been.

      1. re: nikinik

        careful on ordering the martini of the day, as they may not be .25.
        found out the hard way when i got a $60 bar bill at lunch. they were pushing the martini of the day as part of their sell of the martini menu, but failed to disclose they were not part of .25 martinis offered.

        1. re: edible complex

          Thanks for that advice. I would be perty upset if that happened.

          1. re: edible complex

            Ditto edible complex. This happened to us as well. When in doubt, ask. I think CP is a great choice for lunch!

        2. re: kukubura

          Definitely Commanders. Reserve the garden room. Other options (although not as much fun), Cuvee, August, Herbsaint.

        3. Bayona. great lunch deal in a v ery romantic setting

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          1. re: Vineaux

            Don't need romantic...I'm a girl and I'm going with one of my girlfriends. ;)

          2. I hear J'Anita's on the Avenue is doing a lamb special for lunch Friday back by popular demand.
            this is at their new location on St. Charles.
            last Friday, they served:
            "Lamb, cheese grits, blanched haricots verts (French green beans). Sound special? It IS the lunch/dinner special -- including your choice of Kimmie's lemon or watermelon/mint granita. $10.75 while it lasts."

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            1. re: edible complex

              Was looking for something a little more upscale than this. Some place I wouldn't normally go...but could afford to go since it would be for lunch.

              1. re: nikinik

                I think Bayona is a great choice under any circumstances but I admit I have not been there in awhile so my news may be rusty. I hav never had any problems there over the brief life of the place.

                My flagship Galatoire's has the same menu and same prices from the moment it opens until the time it all day. Go have a look at the menu and see if you want to play. Dress up.

              2. re: edible complex

                ec, in ref to AP:

                I was there the other night and I just do not like the whole set up...the bartender can take your drink order and you can pay her for the food but she won't take your food have to get up and walk around a pool table to find the guy who is cooking/serving the food

                so after I get an explanation of this the bartender tells me that J'anitas is good but if I still want regular bar food then I can order mini tacos and stuff from her bar menu

       I decide on guac (which was fantastic- chips were fresh but a little too greasy) and I ask my husband to order...he gets up and wanders around for 5 minutes in the general direction that the bartender points and tries to figure out who takes the order...finally I asked a guy playing pool who is doing J's food and it was him (I just got lucky)

                how the hell that is supposed to work I have no idea...put on a J'anita's tshirt or an apron or something indicating that aside from playing pool you can get me some salsa....crazy