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Jul 8, 2009 09:32 AM

Boulder's Farmers Market

Hi there! I'll be going tonight to the farmers market- I was just wondering what people recommend there and what should not be missed- Thanks in advance!!

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  1. It's hard to miss anything, especially on Wednesday, which is considerably smaller than the Saturday version. The food court is set up in a plaza just north of the Dushsanbe teahouse. Nibble around from various stands. Small plates of ethnic foods of various sorts. If you're still hungry, head for the spectacular teahouse or to the Mall.

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      thanks claire! i knew u would be able to help me out on this :-)

    2. I was there last Saturday and it was terrific. The variety of samples was really a treat. I remember mustard with white truffle, olive and pine nut bread, green salsa, and incredible array of flavored balsamic vinegars. I ate a blitz filled with spinach, artichoke, and asiago. I met a guy that raised some weird ind of crayfish that put the Louisiana version to shame. I never even made it to the food court area. It is a treat.

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        awesome! thanks so much for the info