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Jul 8, 2009 09:04 AM

North End lunch spot?

What are the good places for lunch in the North End, other than Regina's and Galleria Humberto?

I'm thinking about going to Antico Forno, but I kind of want to try a new place....

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  1. If you don't mind a counter-service type of place, you could try Dino's on Salem St., a couple of blocks up from Antico Forno (across from Bova's). The food is excellent and inexpensive.

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      I am not nearly as down on Antico Forno as some -- particularly for lunch, since their lamb sandwich is outstanding -- but I agree that Dino's is a worthy option as well: the Dino's Special and the Italian's Italian are as good as cold sandwiches get in the North End, and the pasta isn't bad either.

    2. If you can wait until a little later in the afternoon, check out Ida's on Hanover Street. They have limited hours (5-9PM) and limited days (maybe Thur-Sun). It is a real old school red sauce italian-american joint, the kind of food your auntie would make. I go there religiously before Bruins games. I concur with the 2 other recommendations (Dinos and Antico Forno). They are both unpretentious places that consistently deliver what you expect.

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        Sorry, do not share your enthusiasm for Ida's.

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          I'm so sorry to say this, but Ida's is the absolute worst representation of a restaurant in the North End.

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            Why? Details please? I've never been there, just curious.

        2. Artu's on 6 Prince Street. Near Mike's Pastry as well. Great soups, paninnis, entrees. Not high priced and pleasant dining atmosphere

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            Artu's sandwiches and antipasto are legendary. Try the marinated eggplant and cold cuts, or the Porchetta.

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              Artu's thin crust pizzas are incredible -- sausage & broccoli rabe; shrimp scampi; roasted eggplant and riccotta; prosciutto & potato-- all good. Last week they even had a lobster scampi pizza on special.

            2. Limoncello and Massimino's both do good traditional Italian..real good prices at lunch.

              The lamb/eggplant sandwich at Artu is great at a little lower price.

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                I've gotten cold cuts, sausage and pasta, among other things, at J. Pace on Cross Street. I think they have sandwiches, too, which I've heard are excellent (they would have to be given the quality of the ingredients). There are a few tables you could eat at inside and outside.

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                  Pace's sandwiches are excellent...also good hot prepared dishes..and if it's a nice day, you can take them to the Greenway

              2. Mother Anna's - best eggplant parm in the North End.