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Jul 8, 2009 08:28 AM

I do not eat rice cakes and salad.

Rebecca's a Chowhound...Got To Be. :)

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  1. Yeah. I have to agree, though, with all the comments about how she just swapped one set of food-gender stereotypes for another. It's actually pretty harmful to men that eating healthy foods is considered "feminine" and being a junk food glutton is considered "masculine."

    Real chowhounds don't let outside opinions dictate their food choices one way or another -- if I want to eat rice cakes because I like them, I'll eat rice cakes; since I don't like them, I don't. And there's nothing shameful about choosing to eat a salad if you like salad (especially a yummy salad made with fresh ingredients and a delicious dressing).

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      This is what turned me off this season of TNFS. I think the first episode involved making something for readers of some men's magazine and everyone focused on the stereotypical manly men food. At that point, I just turned it off because I didn't agree with a show that insisted on reinforcing harmful stereotypes. It's not unmanly to eat something other than red meat and potatoes.

    2. If I didn’t eat something out of fear of what people would think of me, then I wouldn’t be much of a chowhound, would I?

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      1. re: cuccubear

        i'll eat it all- rice cakes, diet coke, cheeseburgers, salads, etc etc. totally agree w. Ruth!

      2. After reading the original article, I think the idea of food “engendering” is silly. I know food is marketed that way (burgers for men, parfait for women), but Cocoa-Puffs are marketed to children. If I eat them will people look at me as if I was a little boy?

        I think marketing establishes a fear in out minds. “I really like quiche and would love a big slice right now, but quiche is for women and if I get some everyone’s going to think I’m gay or something. I’d better stick with the burger.” (I know that’s extreme, but you get my point.)

        If I want rice cakes, I’ll gladly go to the store and buy them regardless of what the cashier or the bozo’s behind will think.

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        1. re: cuccubear

          the irony to the quiche stereotype is that quiche is so fattening and any woman who eats according to her stereotype would probably stay away from quiche!

          1. re: trolley

            If they call it Ham & Cheese PIE instead of quiche, the boys would eat it!

            I happen to enjoy a rice cake- slathered in butter or peanut butter or even tuna fish (gotta be in the mood) and those tiny flavored rice cakes are so tasty... the guys at work will dig into the bag with both hands and when I tell them it's rice cakes they sort of mumble something like 'no it's not!' and run away. Silly wabbits.

        2. did everyone else have a trouble accessing the site because of an economist magazine ad and a bobby flay hellman's mayo/sandwiches promo?

          i don't know a man who would eat a rice cake (why would anyone eat a rice cake, for that matter), and i'd say only 1/2 like salads. who wants dry, blah rice cakes? who wants bland, pallid food? not i; i'm not on a sickbed, though....

          i'd say women tend to eat lighter than men, period. that's an observation over the years. i think men's and women's bodies need different ratios of proteins, carbs and fats. it probably is a biological imperative from body composition and hormones.

          mr. alka is from sri lanka, and not familiar with "gendered marketing cultural stereotypes" (even typing that makes me a little annoyed). he eats what he likes, and doesn't know what is supposed to be 'manly" or "feminine." he'd choose a burger over a chicken caesar salad. he'd choose roast chicken over quiche. he'd choose pasta or rice over lettuce or greens. now me? i'd eat any of it! ;-).

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          1. re: alkapal

            I'm with you all the way alkapal. If it's good, eat it. Who cares what people think! ;-)

            1. re: alkapal

              What browser do you use? I use Firefox (which is free), and select the "block pop-up windows" option. Everything displayed fine.

              1. re: alkapal

                I haven't done it in a long time but rice cake piled w/ lots of cheese and meat (bacon or ham or whatever) and heated until cheese is melted is good. It was a perfect crispy vehicle for all that salty flavor. I guess cardboard would do the job just as well.

              2. I for many years subscribed to TV Guide (in its original format, when it used to actually list what's on every station in the area). In the interviews with stars, the setting was virtually always at a restaurant lunch. The writer described what the celebrity was wearing and described her picking at a plate of steamed vegetables or a salad, him digging into a steak or plate of red-sauce Italian food. Lord knows if it's always true (I am doubtful), but certainly it's a time-honored sterotype.

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                1. re: greygarious

                  I wouldn't be surprised, since it seems like all actresses these days are size 2 or smaller. It seems like even the ones with healthier figures eventually go down into the emaciated stage at some point- quite depressing.