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Jul 8, 2009 08:27 AM

Swish by Han?

There's a new "tapas style" Korean restaurant called Swish by Han that's supposed to open on Wellington St, in the space formerly occupied by the Solferino gelato cafe. Several weeks ago I peered through the windows and everything seemed ready to go, nice rustic tables, wooden floors and lots of exposed brick. Looked wonderful. Then they papered over the windows again and... nothing. No signs, no website, no hint as to when or if this might open.

Does anyone have the scoop? Are they perhaps caught in "permit limbo" due to the city strike?

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  1. the guys at swish are waiting on a liquor license and have been screwed by th city strike.


    1. I noticed yesterday this place is finally open. Hours are 12-2 for lunch, and then again in the evening for dinner. The menu posted on the window looked interesting. There were a few tables of customers, but none were drinking beer or alcohol, so I'm not sure if they have their LLBO license yet.

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        this place looks really interesting
        i'm excited to go try some shabu shabu :D
        I just hope it's not just dressed-up bad food!
        I'll be harsh on it for sure. We're talking about food that i know and love!

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          The place is really great, I've been there twice for lunch already. Last I heard they were still waiting on their liquor license.

        found this which gives some background, a good pic of the joint and pics of the menu

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          That's my site... I've scanned the menu too.

        2. We had the shabu shabu (not what I expected, but I've never had Korean shabu shabu before. It was okay), the bi bim bap (good), the jap chae (okay), and the cheese steak (not good).

          I really like homestyle Korean dishes and Korean BBQ, but I'm not sure I really enjoy the type of food Swish is serving. Some of it was fine enough to warrant a return (the more strictly Korean dishes were the better items on the menu), but the cheese steak was pretty terrible.

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          1. I've only tried their lunch menu. It seems like a fusion-Korean restaurant. The only problem is that the really creative dishes probably aren't good (unless the cheese steak was a fluke), whereas the standard Korean fare is just fine.

            The only problem is that there are much better restaurants where you can get regular Korean dishes (bi bim bap for example) than Swish, for much less.

          2. Just had lunch there today. Our waitress said they still don't have their liquor license, but they are going to start opening for dinner anyways. My boyfriend and I ordered the Ssam Bap (Beef), Swish Beef and the side order of the Kimchee trio. My boyfriend taught and lived in Korea for a year and said it was pretty close to authentic. The problem is as tjr stated- you can get the same dishes at other Korean restaurants for much, much less with probably bigger portions. Our bill came to $37 and change.

            If you live or work in the neighbourhood its worth the trip. Everything we had was good- nothing outstanding but on the same level as any other Korean resto I've eaten at in Toronto. The price you pay seems to be more for the up scale atmosphere and neighbourhood. I live and work close by so I would definitely go back whenever I'm craving kimchee. If you aren't a fan of kimchee this may not be the place for you as a lot of their menu seems to be centered around it.

            All in all I'm excited to have a Korean resto in my hood, even if I do end up paying a bit more for it.

            PS- The prices increase slightly for dinner- so its a good idea to try lunch there first.

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              Maybe they shouldn't post their dinner hours until they actually start opening for dinner. Had gone last Friday after having seen the menu/hours on the window only to find the restaurant closed. Didn't make a good first impression on me.