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Jul 8, 2009 08:20 AM

NYC - On a Budget & With Mother in Law

Hi folks

As regular travellers to the city from the UK (8 times in last 6 years) my husband and I have our favourite places to eat. We generally go for the cheaper eats and really enjoy more modern american dining - Blue Smoke, Angelo & Maxie, Nolita House, Bubby's, Shake Shack, traditional diners etc.

We're visiting again in February and might have the mother in law with us. She isn't into fancy restaurants, doesn't like fancy food and doesn't agree with paying a lot of $$ to eat out.

I figure Bubby's will be a good choice because it is one of our favourites and is based around good home cooked food, things like pot pie, stews, mashed potato etc.

Any suggestions for other places similar in style / cuisine / price to Bubby's? And best traditional diners?

Thanks guys

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  1. Maybe the Redhead? It has great food that is somewhat traditional and not overly expensive. We absolutely love nolita house and I feel the food was even better here.