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Jul 8, 2009 08:06 AM

Cheap, healthy dinner rec's for Chelsea/Midtown West

Meeting a friend for an early, easy dinner Thursday night. She needs to eat close to Penn Station to grab a train home and we are both pretty unfamiliar with the neighborhood. We want cheap, but healthy food. Parameters: it doesn't have to be fancy, though I'd prefer something nicer than glorified take-out, and she's not a huge fan of Chinese food. Any suggestions? The only place I've found with a slapdash search is Simple Kitchen (at 19th & 5th Ave), which seems fine, but might be more a market than cafe. Does anyone have any other suggestions for something farther north? Any insight to Simple Kitchen?

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  1. Le Zie (Italian)
    Mooncake (Asian diner with great hangar steak and shrimp)

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    1. re: stephaniec25

      Thanks! Mooncake might be the ticket... I think it will perfectly side-step her dislike of greasy and over-sauced (pedestrian) Chinese food. I know she likes the general flavors, she cooks plenty of Asian-style dishes at home.

      1. re: stephaniec25

        Ate at Mooncake last night. Thanks for the great recommendation. It was spot on and so cheap!

        1. re: brooklyndigest

          I'm glad you liked it. I often get delivery from there and I'm always pleasantly suprised how delicious and cheap everything is!