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Jul 8, 2009 06:57 AM

pre-theatre near distillery district

Now that Perigee is gone... looking for the best combination of excellence and proximity for dinner before seeing a play in the Distillery District. Anything great in Corktown? A little farther afield?

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  1. Weezie's is a favourite on this board...354 King St. E., 416-777-9339.

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    1. re: sam_1

      I would second Weezie's for pre-theatre dinner. It's not really the same kind of restaurant as Perigee, though. If you like burgers, trying the Weezie's burger is basically a must (IMHO). That meal is a great value. The place is small, so I would make reservations.

      1. re: markdsgraham

        Weezie's it is. Thanks! (Mengrai Thai next time.)

        1. re: estragon

          Get a reservation or you'll never get in (it's about 20 seats and v. popular).

    2. Mengrai Thai is good.