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Jul 8, 2009 06:45 AM

Wilmington NC area wedding reception for Marines

My niece is getting married at a chapel on base in the Wilmington NC area. They are doing this on the fly since both will be deploying very soon. Where can she do a "reception" in the area? What we need is a restaurant with a room in the back that she can reserve for about 20-25 people? Nothing over the top but descent...any ideas?

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  1. When you say "Wilmington area", what exactly do you mean? I wasn't aware of a marine base in Wilmington. There is one in Jacksonville, NC, but thats pretty far from Wilmington...about an hour. Perhaps you might want to repost for Jacksonville, if thats here the wedding is?

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      Now that you say that...I have no idea! I am not at all familiar with that area of NC. I was told the family was staying in Wilmington and the base being in Jacksonville so the restaurant they wanted should be in the Wilmington area. I am so glad you told me that....I will find out and repost. Thank you!!!