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Jul 8, 2009 06:40 AM

Momofuku Ssam - Bo Ssam, will I ever have it?

I went to Momofuku Ssam for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed my meal (my 2 friends had complaints, price and portion size mostly). I saw several groups of people ordering the Bo Ssam and knew that when I go back I'd love to order it. My problem is I don't think I"ll ever have a group of at least 6 people to go there so we can all share it together (especially since my best friend says she won't go back). I was wondering if anyone's ever been in a similar situation (not being able to have the number of people to try something you'd really like to have) and was able to make it work by meeting up with others to share the meal?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. This thread might get more responses in General Topics. For my own part, I've found myself in similar situations as you. Quite often actually. My response has been to just schedule my birthday dinner at one of those communal places that I've wanted to try, but could not gather 10 people for. It is admittedly a lot more passive aggressive than taking the initiative to find an alternative group to go with you, which is also why I applied to join the Gastronauts, in pursuit of these sorts of culinary adventures.

      2. Hey morning hurts. I feel your pain!

        I am actually heading down to Momofuku tonight at 5pm and if you are interested we can try to find a few more to split the Bo Ssam with us =).

        Right now though my plan is to get the ribeye (even though it is meant for two I really don't care haha!)

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          you have to pre-order the ssam a couple of days in advance. they also sell out for particular days, i.e., call on a thursday and there are no ssams left for saturday.

          the one positive is that you get to have a reservation if you order a bo ssam.

          anyway, i completely understand your problem. i can never seem to get enough ppl to order a bo ssam. either too many (like a bday) or two few (normal saturday). but now i feel a renewed interest in making it happen!

          1. re: fulminating

            I would reserve about 2-3 weeks in advance, especially on a weekend night (Friday or Saturday). They typically only serve them early and late, rarely at prime dining hours.

            They have served them to smaller parties (I think my friends had a 3 top when they did it), so just be willing to take home the leftovers!

        2. if it will be on a monday or friday (monday preferred) i'm in on a bo ssam chow outing

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            Heck, I'd love to join in on a Bo Ssam outing! I'll clear my schedule!!!!

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                Be aware that if you try to plan this on the open board, the moderators will be along to warn you that it's against the rules. So, one of you should compose a post announcing the event, include an e-mail address where those interested can respond, and shoot a message to the mods requesting they pin the post to the top of the board (

                1. re: RGR

                  Yes, if you want to plan a Chowdown, please review our guidelines, and then post accordingly to make arrangements.


                  We'll be removing plans for getting together from this thread, per our policies.

                  Thanks - and we hope you have a wonderful time and report back!

          2. You might want to hit up an actual Korean restaurant and just order their modum bossam. Maybe someplace like Gam Mee Oak. It won't take more than 2 people with a big appetite to go through it. This way, you can get a sample of what bossam is, before you get the newfangled version at Momofuku.