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Jul 8, 2009 06:30 AM

Pineapple Cores, ok to eat?

If l like the cores, which l do, l figure good source of fiber. Yes or no? both to fiber and health wise.

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  1. I don't know about the fiber, but I always eat the pineapple cores. I like the contrast..

    1. Tons of fiber, I'd eat them if they're really ripe.

      1. I prefer the cores! AT our local farmers market one of the veggie vebndors has a pineapple coring machine,. and he saves me the cores! I cut them into 1" lengths and freeze what I don't eat.

        1. another core lover here. I cut it out and snack on it as I cut up the the rest of the pineapple

          1. No problem eating them if they are not too tough. In terms of fibre I don't know. Don't get confused between soluble fibre and fibrous material.

            And even if they are too tough to eat you can pass them through a juicer. I've chucked split cores into sweet-sour sauces and fished them out later. I'm not sure it has that much effect but it makes you feel you are utilising them.