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Pineapple Cores, ok to eat?

If l like the cores, which l do, l figure good source of fiber. Yes or no? both to fiber and health wise.

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  1. I don't know about the fiber, but I always eat the pineapple cores. I like the contrast..

    1. Tons of fiber, I'd eat them if they're really ripe.

      1. I prefer the cores! AT our local farmers market one of the veggie vebndors has a pineapple coring machine,. and he saves me the cores! I cut them into 1" lengths and freeze what I don't eat.

        1. another core lover here. I cut it out and snack on it as I cut up the the rest of the pineapple

          1. No problem eating them if they are not too tough. In terms of fibre I don't know. Don't get confused between soluble fibre and fibrous material.

            And even if they are too tough to eat you can pass them through a juicer. I've chucked split cores into sweet-sour sauces and fished them out later. I'm not sure it has that much effect but it makes you feel you are utilising them.

            1. I think it's absolutely fine to eat. I'm a big fan of gnawing around the core, as it's the sweetest part.


              1. The core has the greatest concentration of bromelain--good for digestion and for dissolving the acid that collects in your joints and causes arthritis. Of course, the enzymes are only active when the fruit is raw.

                1. jacques pepin says that the core is the first thing his wife eats as the pineapple is cut.

                  1. funny last night as I sliced up a pineapple for snacks I found my self chowing down on thin slices of the rather ripe core thinking there has to be more uses for this and here is a CH thread on it - I imagine thin slices of core would also be great to use an ingredient - googling it apparently they also help you get preggers but that would be a real miracle LOL

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                      The revival of a 5 year old thread. Also some evidence it makes ones semen sweeter

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                        I juice pineapple cores, a good amount comes out of them!
                        Otherwise i'm thinking sliced and frozen they would be fun "ice cubes" for summer drinks

                      2. They are fine to eat but pretty chewy. I some times use them as skewers instead of sugar cane when making Chao Tom. Chao Tom is a Vietnamese dish made with a chopped shrimp paste and grilled. You can also use lemon grass stalks or carrot. I've asked my grocery store to save the pineapple cores when they are cutting the pineapples to sell cored. No charge! The sugar cane and the pineapple skewers give the dish a delicious taste.

                        1. I like chunking them up and adding them to brewed ice tea.

                          1. Youngest daughter loved to gnaw down on the pineapple cores. I'm not so fond, as the fibers would get stuck in my teeth.
                            Recently, I fermented the cores and peels of a few pineapples, to make tepache, a refreshing beverage when mixed with sparkling water :)

                            1. Yes, they're quite tasty. Pineapple is a good source of fiber.

                              1. We put the core in our refrigerated filtered tap water whole or cut up (depending on the size of your pitcher / vessel). It becomes a subtle type of agua fresca that is unbeatable. better yet, the pitcher can be refilled two or three times before the flavor is mostly used up.