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Jul 8, 2009 06:23 AM

Batifole, Le Select or others for cassoulet?

Cassoulet is one of my favorite foods in the world, and my upcoming birthday is giving me an excuse to consume this heavy, hearty dish. Where can I get a good rendition in the GTA? From what I've read Le Select and Batifole seem like the best bets, so which would you choose? Other recommendations are welcome if you know of anywhere else worth considering.

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  1. Last I heard, the cassoulet at Batifole was quite lacking. If you search back maybe a year ago for Batifole and cassoulet, you'll probably be able to find a number of reports dismissing it. I can't personally comment, because while I like Batifole, I avoided that dish due to those reviews.

    1. I did not try Le Slect or Batifole, but I recommend Black Hoof. Not sure if it's on the regular menu, though.

      1. I'd be surprised to find it on menus this time of year. I found the one at Le Select to be all right, but not inspiring. Haven't been to Batifole. Coquine does (or did?) one that seemed to have more attention paid to it. Crusty skin on the confit, good zing in the choice of sausage.

        If you want to eat it at home, the deal in the city is the Summerhill Market version, which is a huge portion with two confit legs for $14.99 .

        1. Batifole's version is pretty decent. The beans are tasty, but I find the meats a little overcooked, especially the merguez they put on it. Last time I had it, it was fairly salty too.

          Haven't tried Le Select, sorry.

          Snarf's tip sounds good. I would like to try that...but not during the summer.

          1. I just got back from Le Select, where I had their cassoulet. The duck confit was too underdone and salty and the sausage wasn't garlicky enough. However, the beans, pork, and lamb were extremely tasty and made up for the faults. If I go back, I'd ask if I could omit the duck (usually my second favorite part of cassoulet, after the beans) and sausage and get more of everything else. I just wish their cassoulet had a breadcrumb crust...

            The real treasure at Le Select is the short rib that I got to have a bite of, though. It was incredibly tender and succulent; perhaps the best short rib I've ever tried.

            I considered Coquine for cassoulet last year, but I've read a number of reviews that were underwhelmed by their version.

            I need to go slip into a cholesterol induced coma now...