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Jul 8, 2009 06:19 AM

MSP cake decorating supply?

Hi all,

Looking for a place to purchase some cake decor supplies, including cake boards and perhaps fruit essences for buttercream, etc. Looks like Sweet Celebrations locations in Edina and Maplewood are closed, but can't tell from my web searching. I am in South Minneapolis and would prefer a place within a 20 minute drive, but need stuff for this weekend (like, today) for a wedding cake, so... This stuff is not available at Hockenbergs. Thanks for any tips.

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  1. I have seen some cake decorating supplies at Kitchen Window in Calhoun Sq. (, but I do not know if they have exactly what you want so you may want to call first.

    1. You would definitely have to call to check but i think the golden fig/cooks of crocus hill could work as a 1-2 punch if either didnt have all you were looking for. i know cooks carries decor supplies, possibly boards, and definitely some essences. golden fig just down the street also carries some (alcohol based, not sure if that woudl work for you) essences and extracts.

      1. Lynn's Cake and Candy Supply on University in Spring Lake Park will have everything you need. It's in a strip mall just south of Northtown Mall.

        Lynn's Cake & Candy Supplies
        (763) 784-2186
        8195 University Ave Ne, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

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          Thanks. Lynn's had everything I need and more. It looks like they are moving to a new location soon, for anyone else interested in checking out their selection.

          1. re: slowfoodgrrl

            This is good to know. I have been mourning the loss of Sweet Celebrations (even though it was also kind of a wierd place).