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West Creek Crab Shack - anyone been?

Driving on Route 9 last evening I was pleased to see that a new restaurant has opened in the building that formerly housed La Bahia. It's called West Creek Crab Shack and lists both eat-in and take-out.

I'm guardedly excited - has anyone eaten there yet or seen the menu?

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  1. La Bahia didn't last long although a good concept for TAPAS style Spanish cuisine...I'd say the location was the culprit..... WC Crab Shack?.....Hmmmmmmm? sounds interesting must check it out soon..not too far.

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        West Creek is located between Manahawkin and Tuckerton. i will also need to check this out....most of the restaurants in this location have not done well so I'd love to see this one succeed!

    1. newfie, it's actually called the Dock Road Crab Shack. Menu is listed in the local Sandpaper, but no website. Prices look pretty good on everything except....crab.

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        Thanks for the info - I'll have to grab a Sandpaper. Friends of mine went there Thursday night and weren't impressed, saying that everything was overcooked - I'll reserve judgement and will report once we've eaten there...

      2. not very impressed with the food, they are trying to mimic Mud City but not even coming close.

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          Just for the record, La Bahia closed because of severe family issues - not because of location or lack of business.

          Right before they closed (unexpectedly) there was at least a 20 minute wait for a table during the weekend.

        2. We've been to the Dock Road Crab Shack multiple times. The food is delicious, servers are great and the servings of food are large. Most of the time we end up taking some of it home. We've taken friends here and will continue coming here. They don't have a liquor license, but you can BYOB. The specials are awesome!

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            You work there or own it? Sorry I live 5 miles down the road and well.....

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              See, like the poster before you , pintor2, you both are one post wonders, only came here to post a single "OH WOW!!!! it was so GREAT!!" post. This actually makes a place look bad...they have to post fake reviews.

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                My first post and I'll say the place is great. I eat there 1 or 2 times a month. I've been going in that building since it was Luvs deli. Had the lobester fest last night.

                Mud city is a great place to eat if you want to grub up with the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore, but I'll pass on that, plus i like to eat during the week in the winter, so Mud City isn't much help there. A good tip is to grab something from the fish monger on the way out, we get tuna about once a week there (made tar tare for dinner tonight) and will continue till Skippers opens. The only reason I pick Skippers over Dock Road Crab Shack is skippers is on my way home.

          2. Yes I have been several times I have read the other reply and yes I will be a one hit wonder because I normally don't do this and no I am not one of the owners.
            Been there several times food is great Actually this saturday we were there my husband is a picky when it comes to his food and this was one of maybe 3 times that I can remember in the past 17 years that he sent his compliments to the chewf. Pricing is reasonable. 3 apps 3 entrees & 1 desert was $100 Service was excellent our server was Amanda they did start filling up at about 5:30. Also I did notice a sign when going in that Wednesday is Lobster Night $17.99 I think and you get a whole lobster and 2 sides not sure of the weight. I only ended up here looking for their phone # & yes I have eaten at Mud City & I like their food also. I think dock road isn't well known yet. Also there is another seafood place up the road from Mud City on Bay Ave across from Value City called Exit 63 Seafood its very small but nice and good food. Hope this helps I would say go for it

            1. We went there last Saturday. It is called Dock Road Crab Shack.


              The service and staff were wonderful.

              We started with SHACK ISLAND SHRIMP, their version of cocomut shrimp and an order of SHACKstyle DIP (i.e. crab dip). I do recommend the shrimp it was delicious. The dip came out cold and was just okay. They did re-warm it for us but it was just okay.

              Since we were in a bit of a hurry we did not get crabs, but hope to try them next time. Our table ordered fish and chips, seafood bisque and SHACKCAKES (crab cakes). The crab cakes were fantastic - all crab meat with fresh bell peppers. I had them broiled and highly recommend them. The sides I choose were potatoes and hush puppies both good choices. The fish and chips was also a good choice, and perhaps the best bang for your buck.. The fish was cooked perfectly and it and the chips were not in the least greasy. The seafood bisque is something I would not recommend . To me it tasted like fake seafood i.e. sea legs with some velvetta cheese. Again it was not terrible but not something I would want to eat.

              The bill for three was roughly 60$.

              I definitely would go again. As I indicated above the staff and service were great and the majority of the food excellent. With some fine tuning this place will be a hit!

              Dockroad Crab House
              507 S Main St, West Creek, NJ 08092

              1. we live on lbi, and we like the crab shack quite a lot. i had fish and chips, wifey had oysters and fish, sonny boy had fish tacos. everything dissappeared. food was delish, servers harried but sweet, and unlike mud city, no wait. a good evening all around.

                1. Got take out crabs from here on Saturday. A dozen each of the Old Bay, Garlic Herbs, and Shack Style seasoning, number 2's. Almost every single crab was mushy. Unacceptable for a place billing itself as a Crab Shack. The Shack Style seasoning was also way too salty. They used kosher salt I think and it just totally overpowered the crab. I had to scrape it off. I was really disappointed. Will not be going back.