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Jul 8, 2009 06:11 AM

Place to stop for lunch in New Hampshire with kids on the way to Storyland

Hi - we are leaving for North Conway tomorrow and will be traveling from Hingham, MA (south of Boston) to North Conway. I haven't decided if we will go up Rt 95 and then pass through Dover and Rochester, NH on our way to North Conway or whether we will take Rt 93 and pass through Concord, Meredith, etc.. We'd like to eat somewhere in New Hampshire, past Dover and Concord. Any suggestions for a good lunch with kids? They like pretty much everything. Thanks!

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  1. Well if you the 93 route, you can always stop in at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH. That will probably be around halfway or so for you. It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Real good food, pretty fast. Let the kids try a homemade twinkie. Trust me, they are incredible.

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      I would love to stop there but unfortunately it's only 1 1/2 hrs from our house (too soon to stop bc I'm hoping the baby will be sleeping!). Maybe on the way home!

      Any recommendations for the Concord/Meredith area? Thanks for your help!

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        Arnie's Place in Concord for your hot dogs, burgers, ribs, ice cream, but it's only 20 minutes north of Manchester. In Tilton--the Tilt'n Diner. There's a Thai place in Franklin that may or may not be open for lunch. It comes highly recommended on this board. A little off the highway, but the Shaker Table at Canterbury Shaker Village is a nice experience.

    2. Miss Wakefield Diner in Sanbornville, NH on rt 16 (about 30 minutes north of rochester) . .

      1. In Northfield (bout 15 miles north of Concord), just off Rt. 93 on exit 19 is Dipsy Doodle. Grandaugher loved her chicken nuggets, everythign is fresh - love their food. They are typically "drive in or dairy bar" with a wide variety of stuff. Hit it this past sunday for their special - fried oysters that were fantastic. They have everything from fried clams to hot dogs to sweet potato fried and some great ice cream for dessert. Fun litle place.

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          The Dipsy would be good since it has some indoor seating. It's very small so outdoor picnic tables are usually our choice. Before the Dipsy Doodle opened we used to go to the Red Hill Dairy in Moultonboro. It's a small drive-in, It will be on your left.
          If you're in the mood for barbecue, the Smoke Shack in Boscawen NH is convenient to Rt 93/exit 17 (north of Concord by about 15 minutes). Some posters haven't liked it as much as we do. You have kids. They have great macaroni and cheese. It's very casual. I usually get the brisket. The plates have large servings so you could easily feed small kids off the adult plates.
          My favorite lunch place in Concord is In a Pinch Cafe. Their new location is by the rear entrance of an office building on South Main St. You'll have to check their website for directions. Exit 12N will take you right by the building. Great sandwiches, unusual soups, nice salads. Very casual. You won't know it's there unless you know exactly how to get to it. Park in the big parking lot out back. For sub sandwiches, the Sandwich Depot on Hall St is not far off exit 13. Not sure of their hours on weekends. Nice little place in an old railroad depot building.
          We love the Thai place in Franklin NH next to the opera house right on rt 3 in downtown. Not sure of lunch hours. Asian Delight. If you want to go a little out of your way but a good break from the hwy, the Pizza Market is in Franklin, heading to Bristol. You would get off Rt 93 at exit 17, head north on Rt 3. When you get to the lights, keep going straight. It's just a mile or two. Lousy decor, might see some bikers but the friendliest people, Good deal on fried seafood. Our son reports calzones are huge. To return to Rt 93, backtrack to the lights but take a left to go thru downtown Franklin. You are on Rt 3. Keep heading north thru Tilton. You'll end up at exit 20 where the outlet malls are. The Tilt'n Diner will be on the right if you decide to eat there.

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            Have to try Dipsy Doodle! BTW, Notchland Inn in Crawford Notch is offering all rooms this weekend for $199--a bargain since the cottages are usually around $375 and they allow dogs--their 5 course dinners are fantastic.