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Jul 8, 2009 06:06 AM

Lucas: Mexican seasoning

In Mexico you can find this seasoning called Lucas all over the place. It's this spicy or salty seasoning that comes in a small container and you put it on everything! Meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. It's great. Anybody know where I can find it in Montreal? Maybe a Mexican grocery store I haven't heard of? Thanks!

Looks like this:

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  1. perhaps here?
    They were featured in one episode of "Du Coeur au Ventre" with Daniel Pinard on Radio-Canada last year ... they seem to stock a lot of Mexican staples.
    see also:

    1. Sounds like you are looking for Tajin spice??? You should be able to find it in any Latin grocer in Montreal. Made out of chili powder, salt and dehydrated lime juice. Eat it sprinkled over oranges, mangos, cucumber etc.

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        Yeah exactly! Where can I find a latin grocer close to me? I live downtown beside Concordia University. Thanks!

        1. re: hafizrealmadrid

          Unfortunately there are no Latino places around there. The closest place to you is Supermarché Andes on St-Laurent.

          Supermarche Andes Gloria
          4387 St-Laurent