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[DFW] Restaurant Week 2009

That time of the year again. Restaurant week this year will be on August 17-23 and the first day to make reservations is next monday July 13. The preview weekend will be on August 14-16.

The official site: (full list of restaurants to be released soon)

Here are the reviews from last year:

I'm so thankful that work isn't sending me out of town that week! Nana got slammed pretty hard in RW 2007 reviews, and my experience last year just added to the list. Not awful, but not impressed enough to come back. Looking forward, I hope that Bijoux is on the list this year.

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  1. This is such a great opportunity to eat at one or more of the more "elite" Dallas restaurants without exploding the budget, especially now with the economic issues at such a low. Be sure to check out the 4the course offering by Central Market. And not to be forgotten is that $7 of the 35 goes to 2 very worthy local charities.

    Can't wait for the list to be published and thanks for the notification.

    1. We were just talking about this last night. Always a great time of year. I was wondering how and if the economy was going to effect restaurant week. Maybe make it more crowded? Maybe make fewer restaurants participate? Maybe make more restaurants participate?

      1. does anyone know how to sign up?

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          If you click the KRLD link above, you'll see the general info. Looks like this year's list of participating restaurants will be available July 13.

          At that time, choose the restaurant(s) you wish and make a reservation. In past years, different participating restaurants set aside differing #'s of tables/night to restaurant week, so make your reserves as early as possible, particularly at the high-demand places. Also, at those restaurants, I've read that service *may* be less than stellar/rushed during peak hours (for this 1+ week time frame), so an early or late dinner hour may be best.

          For an example of past years participants, here is LAST year's, 2008 list:

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            You can call the individual restaurant to make a reservation. We already made one two days ago. Some restaurants also offer the RW menu for lunch.

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              Alas, I gave my Thursday 560 away to a co-worker. *sad* I am looking for a Saturday evening if anyone knows of one I can call and get (very late is fine) or otherwise.

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                canceled a 745 @ abacus next saturday (8/21)

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                  actually it was 8/22. might have to cancel a reservation on 8/29 too and will post if and when

          2. List is up! We're headed to: Bijoux, Fearings, Abacus, Stephan Pyles, Craft, York Street, and Aurora .. and hoping Abacus extends to 3 weeks, so we can move that RSVP later and replace it with Local! Mmm mmm. I do love restaurant week!

            Interesting that places like Local, Aurora, and French Room are participating this year - I'm guessing its a good way for them to get people in the door during the economic slump. And, of course, help charity and get some good PR.

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              Last year I over-indulged. So, I'm keeping my list short. Stephen Pyles, Hector's, 560, and Charlie Palmer. I saw Aurora's menu online and was very underwhelmed. I decided to give that spot to someone else.

              1. re: simply_victoria

                Hmm.. you're right-- Aurora's menu is pretty underwhelming. I might have to rethink that!

            2. Got reservations at Stephan Pyles and 560, can't wait!

              1. FYI, The Mansion is completely booked!

                I got reservations at III Forks, Abacus, and Five Sixty. I'm trying for Craft and Stephen Pyles. I can't wait!

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                    Nevermind. Over 50 menus are up here: http://tinyurl.com/lkv4zj (although not for most of the very highest end places -- yet)

                1. Was hoping for Stephan Pyles during preview weekend but couldn't get a good time so instead I'm going to Central 214. For the actual week I was able to book at Bijoux and The French Room. Props to those of you who got through to Five Sixty, I gave up after spending about an hour trying.... please let me know if you have to cancel ;)

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                    How did you get through to the French Room? They're too busy to answer my call!

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                      I left a voicemail first thing this morning. They were my #1 backup after 560.

                      1. re: air

                        I called this morning, too, but didn't leave a msg. I thought I'd call back once they opened. A big mistake... :'-(

                  2. Abacus just opened up week 2 -- I just got 745 on the Saturday 8/29 :)

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                      Is everyone successful with 560? I guess I need to call. The French Room, you could call the hotel concierge I am sure.

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                        I called 560 around 1pm and got through the first time.

                    2. Just got a call back from a sweet lady @ French Room. They are filled up both Saturdays, but have a few spots on the Fridays and during the week.

                        1. I got an email about Craft's Menu

                          First Course
                          for the table
                          Mixed Baby Lettuces & Hazelnuts
                          Heirloom Tomato Salad
                          Pork Rillettes & Mostarda

                          Main Course
                          choice of one
                          Diver Scallops & Mushroom Jus
                          Yellowfin Tuna & Roasted Lemon
                          Wagyu Tri Tip & Bordelaise Sauce
                          Braised Rabbit & Ricotta Cavatelli

                          for the table
                          Assortment of Farmers Vegetables
                          Assortment of Mushrooms
                          Braised Fingerling Potatoes

                          for the table
                          Lemon Buttermilk Tart
                          White Chocolate Panna Cotta & Richter Farm Berries

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                            Craft looks delicious --- I'm looking forward to that one! Bijoux's menu is also up on the DMN site.

                          2. I have a few short impressions from dinner at Stephan Pyles during preview weekend, here's the menu

                            Asked about the cane drink and the server had no idea about it, but he sold us on the $5 red snapper course and the wine pairings. I enjoyed the pairings but the wine came out faster than each dish and at one point, our table was filled with half-full glasses. I also have no comments about the wine as this is probably the 3rd time in my entire life I've drank wine, I don't know a thing about it!

                            Started with the heirloom salad and the scallop/pork belly carnitas. The fried avocado in the heirloom salad was very good. Not too greasy and still retained the fruit's flavor. Carniats were moist and paired well with the crunchy sweet potato hash.

                            Skip the red snapper course, it's totally awful and I was pining for La Palapa Veracruzana halfway into my first bite. The fish was bland and the rice was watery and soupy. Whatever topped the fish was way too spicy and threw everything off. T

                            Mains were the 48 hour braised beef cheek and pan-seared salmon The beef cheek didn't taste like it was slow-cooked for 48 hours at all. Had very little flavor and almost no moisture. The best part of this entree was the potatoes. I only tried a small bite of the salmon but it would've been nice to have a larger portion of the cakes. The beans were also good and overall I think this would be the entree of choice.

                            On the plus side the desserts were much better. The Mexican chocolate was outstanding. Packed full of flavor and very addictive. I didn't dislike the goat cheesecake nor did I particularly fall in love with it, it just tasted different.

                            So although the beef fell way short, as a whole, I had a pleasant experience there and the service was also stellar. Reading on SideDish, it looks like experiences with this dish is pretty inconsistent so just be warned.

                            1. If anyone's interested, I've just cancelled an upcoming reservation at Bijoux. Wednesday September 3 at 7:30.

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                                September 3 is a Thursday. Do you mean Wednesday the 2nd? I didn't know Bijoux was going out that far for RW.

                                1. re: simply_victoria

                                  Whoops sorry, yeah it's for thursday.

                                  1. re: air

                                    Bijoux did all 3 weeks + the preview weekend. Gotta love it!

                                    1. re: air

                                      I had to check, but I can take it!!

                                2. Anyone been to Salum this week or see their Restaurant Week menu? Haven't heard anything at all this year....

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                                    We went Monday night to Salum. It was nice. We had a party of three. At the table we had two foodies and one who only eats because her life depends on it. She had the mixed green salad, my fiance had the stuff okra. They were served on a light amount of sauce and were stuffed with cheese and then deep fried. I can say they were the best okra I have had. I went with the roasted garlic and goat cheese, which along with warm ciabatta really started of the night well. I will say it was quite large though for a starter. The Central market fourth course was a ravioli of some type that we did not partake in. For the entrees, there were four or five to choose from. I don't remember what they all were. Seems like a fish that sounded great, but we had already settled on a big cab and I wanted something that more reasonably would pair together. I had the tri-tip which was cooked to a perfect medium rare (which is how I requested it). It was served with two flautas which were crispy and very hot. The roasted chicken was ordered, and looked very appealing - but it was served on the bone, which was a turn off for the one who ordered it. My fiance had the pork which was moist and very nice - I tasted it and it was nice flavored, but I'm failing to recall what else it was served with. Desert was a trio, something very chocolate (sorry - I skipped this one), a small creme brulee, and a bread pudding sort of something. All in all, it was close to the top of our restaurant week experiences. The food was good, well timed, and the service was good. It reminded me that I need to go back into see Abraham more often. They also were serving their regular menu. Good luck.

                                  2. Anyone been to Dragonfly yet? How many courses? How was it? TIA.

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                                      Dined at Dragonfly a few days ago. Their RW menu included most of their regular dishes at 40% lower prices! We enjoyed PEI mussels and crisp calamari salad as appetizers and ginger beef tenderloin and artic char en cioppino as entrees. Some servings are a bit small, but we left full and very satisfied. Their staff of 6 work well together and Raymond is a top-notch waiter. Dragonfly will be serving their RW menu again this week. Definitely worth your time & money!

                                      1. re: PapaDal

                                        Failed to mention that several dessert options were included in their RW menu.
                                        Portions were not large (except in calories), but well-presented and tasty.

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                                          When at Dragonfly, pass on the cockles. Sounds quaint, but omg what work and tiny... u will need 4 orders to get a good taste.

                                    2. I went to Abacus last night at 8:30 with a group of 6. The food was very good, and the presentation was very nice. The waiter was a bit snooty but oh well.

                                      I had the crispy pork belly confit and the pork porterhouse. All of my food was delicious and the porterhouse had a lot of flavor! The bread was very plain and the pomme frites weren't worth the extra money.