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Sat night date near Pru

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Hello fellow foodies, I'm relatively new to the Metrowest area and need suggestions for a moderately-priced restuarant for a blind date from out of town Sat night, he's staying near the Pru center. First date, so a not too noisy place (we're in our late 30's and mid 40's, well traveled and love good food) perhaps within walking distance of the Pru, for drinks and dinner. Know of any hidden treasures? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if its a hidden treasure, but I'm a huge fan of Douzo. They have great sushi and I am a fan of their cocktails as well. I've been thee many times with my boyfriend and its the kind of place where you can linger. That being said, the bar area does get a little loud, which can make the rest of the restaurant loud because of their acoustics.

    1. Tappeo on Newbury is a great date-spot. Quiet, a bit romantic inside or dine outside on the patio, get a pitcher of Sangria and order up tapas. Have fun!


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        In case you are googling, it's Tapeo.

        Tapeo Restaurant & Tapas Bar
        266 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

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          I second this rec. There's a lot to share, much of it with an Alsatian bent. I esp. love the frites, chicken liver mousse pate, oysters. And they bring a baguette with good butter and chilled carrots in vinaigrette to start. Cocktails are good too, just beware that the martini glasses are huge.

        2. Sel de la Terre at the Mandarin is good. Right next to the Pru too.

          1. I absolutely love La Voile, a Provencal restaurant on Newbury Street. The (excellent) wine list is pretty top-heavy, but most entrees are in the low- to mid-20s. Terrific country French, and a nice patio too.

            1. Sorellina is the best restaurant right in the Pru area (IMHO). Great food, sophisticated and elegant.

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                Just a heads-up that Sorellina is really expensive. The secondi range from mid-30s to mid-40s. Full portions of pastas are in the high 20s.

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                  Yeah, definitely NOT a blind date location! Yikes!