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Jul 8, 2009 05:14 AM

Best food Orleans to P'town?

What are your favorite spots in the outer cape? Also, any places that serve good non-seafood items as well (allergy).


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  1. Wicked Oyster, Wellfleet
    Blackfish, Truro

    Both serve non-seafood items as well as seafood.

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    1. re: ciclista

      Wicked Oyster is definitely a must! Wonderful oyster stew.

    2. Wicked Oyster and Blackfish are both good. Arnolds in Eastham is a great clam shack, they also have burgers etc. and truly great onion rings. We enjoy the Bookstore in Wellfleet, especially for the oysters.

      In Orleans, Abba has excellent food (Israeli-Thai twist on some dishes); Nauset Beach Club is very good Italian; Mahoney's Atlantic Bar & Grill is quite good. All have non-seafood options, yet all have great seafood dishes as well.

      In Provincetown, Front Street has been consistently great for years, the tea-smoked duck is a favorite there. Ross's Grill isn't bad, either, and The Mews.

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      1. re: Dan D

        Agree on Wicked, Bookstore, Arnold's and Blackfish.... and would add Terra Luna in Truro to the list.