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Jul 7, 2009 11:15 PM

Looking for bakery bargains

I'm looking for bakery bargains in san francisco...weekly deals, day-olds sold for cheap, or just plain something delicious that's sold for not too much money. While taste IS important I'm also interested in scope -ie, do certain neighborhoods have more bargains, do few have bargains, etc? Recession specials, if you will.

So far I've got on my list:
1. Philz coffee sells day-old pastries for super cheap
2. That Takes The Cake sells reduced price day-old cupcakes
3. Maggie Mudd -Wednesday sales

I know From Hollow in the Ferry Building used to offer pastry deals late in the afternoon after they'd stopped baking for the day but I know they've had some turnover and aren't sure if they still do that.

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  1. Specialty's sells day-old cookies for half-price

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    1. A month ago, Frog Hollow was marking down pastries to 2/$6 at the end of the day.

      TC Pastry on Irving St sells much of what's left in the dim sum case (including some baked items) for 3/$1 after 6pm.

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        Now, TC Pastry on Irving St sells much of what's left in the dim sum case for 3/$1.20 after 6pm

      2. I was amazed at how cheap pan dulces can be. Like 3 or 4 for a buck - and that's the regular price. My nearby Mexican store has a bakery case, and each day's supply gets delivered around 9 am there.

        1. Destination Baking (Glen Park) sells 2-for-1 breakfast pastries, I think after 2:00.

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            Thanx for this. Took my mom there yesterday, got two each of sticky bun, Danish, bear claw, and blueberry muffins for $11.30.

            Destination Baking Co
            598 Chenery St, San Francisco, CA 94131

          2. There's an area in the back of House of Bagels on Geary in SF where they sell all sorts of day old bagels, breads, etc. at reduced prices.