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Jul 7, 2009 10:24 PM

Corn Fritters [MSP]

Here's another question for everyone...My boyfriend loves the corn fritters at the State Fair. Since it's not looking like we're going to make it this year, any suggestions on where we can find a delicious substitute in the Twin Cites area? Or, does anyone have a kick-ass recipe, although, if I remember correctly, this would require a deep fryer (something we don't own). Thanks!

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  1. The Longfellow Grill on Lake St and W river parkway makes some really good corn fritters. They are a bit larger than the state fair ones (about golf ball sized) and instead of coming with butter - i've always thought serving deep fried balls of dough with butter was only something one could get away with at the fair - they come with an addictive sweet-spicy "chimichuri" sauce, which isnt particularly traditional but is definitely very tasty.

    1. Q Fanatic has some good corn fritters and great BBQ at well. Worth the trip to Champlin.

      1. I'll second the fritters from Longfellow grill. I just had them the other night. They are actually called Gorgonzola fritters on the menu, but they do have corn kernels in them and the chimichuri is very good although a little sweeter than I'm used to. My friend had the steak and pirogies w/ horseradish sauce and it smelled delicious and probably tasted the same (he ate it all without offering me a bite). That #$@!^*