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Jul 7, 2009 08:55 PM

One day in Alba..


Im new here but have been learning a lot from the forums. I'll be in Alba just one day (lunch) and breaking my head as to which restaurant to have lunch. I am very interested in trying the local piemontese cuisine (typical) like carne cruda, etc...

If anybody can help me that would be great.

I am chooseing between:

1. Trattoria della Posta
2. I Bologna
3.Osteria dell Arco
4. La Libera

Thanks in Advance to anybody who replies...

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  1. Sorry - last on my list os

    6. Ristorante All Enoteca in Canale.

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      mvecin - Look for Erica's post on this board which has an extensive discussion on Alba. Based on her experience it sounds like Profumo di Vino in Treiso is a winner. I'm going to Alba in October and have been doing a good bit of research. Based on that, La Libera is another good bet as well as La Piola. Both are in Alba centro.

    2. As a young lad when I was a cat-skinner, my mother used to boil a beef tongue so I could have tongue sandwiches in my lunchbox. I had been craving tongue, which my wife refuses to cook, until I hit L'Osteria dell'Arco in Alba. Starting with a Vitello Tonnato, then we split an Agnolotti dal Plin. While my wife enjoyed the Brosatto di Barolo, I had the Lingua di Viletto with verde & rossso sauce. The sauces were nice but they distracted from the excellent tongue. I put them on the bread, which was delicious. We accompanied this with a 2006 Conterno Fantino, Langhe Rosso, “Monpra”. I have previously posted about the dessert. My wife had the chocolate and hazelnut mousse, while I had the panna cotta with fresh pears. We had glasses of Moscato d’Asti with dessert, which gave my panna cotta a long finish like fine wine. This beats cat-skinning.

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        Thanks for the review options may be narrowing down ..