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Jul 7, 2009 08:01 PM

Huarache Azteca My current favorite place to eat(Stafford)

I usually get the masterful huaraches but every time I am there the guy at the counter gives me a taco to try, it blows my mind how good it is. The tortillas are the best in houston area, sweet aromatic and tender. They are the kind of corn tortilla's that would make someone forget about flour. Today I had a pork in green chili sauce. I have had the tongue, machacado, and a couple others and they are all awesome. Chilaquilles were solid but Otilla's on Longpoint beat them IMO. The huaraches kill Gorditas Calientes.
It is a small unassuming place but the food might be the best in Houston in its genre(taco joint).

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  1. Will give it a try Friday morning, what's the address in Stafford?

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      I think it is Ave F just off Hwy 90.

    2. had an excellent barbacoa taco and an even better chorizo and egg taco today. The chorizo was the real deal, not overly greasey. Coursely groud chorizo with eggs and some green pepper and some pico on a great corn tortilla. I love this place!