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Jul 7, 2009 07:30 PM

Dallas - In search of marrow bones

I am interested in roasting some marrow bones. Does anyone know where I can find beef or veal marrow bones in Dallas?

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  1. I not certain but, I would try, Kuby's, Rudolphs, Hirsch's , or even Central Market and Wholefoods.
    And, one more. The little butcher shop a few doors up from Scardello's Cheese shop on Oak Lawn.
    Let us know if you find them. And, where.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      I would consider the marrow tops in comfort foods. Not seen often these days in restaraunts, I am positive the handy list provided above will steer you to a proper place to acquire (especially the first three who we know do a considerable amount of butchering). Also, you might wish to pick up marrow spoons at Sur la Table, my favorite purveyor for fine kitchen implements (Travis location).

      Also, try one of the Mexican markets, I see them carvin' cow regularly.

    2. I have recently found some quality beef marrow bones at Sprouts as well.

      1. Super H Mart has them cheap

        1. Am looking for Veal bones with marrow for stock, did anyone ever find them in the Dallas area (peterq was asking in July09 on this board)?
          Have checked Kuby's, Rudolph's (they have veal bones, not with marrow), Central Market, Wholefoods and Hirsch's, Super H Mart too.

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          1. re: kim6

            A few weeks ago, I bought some really nice beef bones at Tom Thumb. They were about 3-4 in. long and maybe 1-1/2, 2 in dia. Great for roasting. I was shopping 121 in Colleyville, but It'd be worth a call to your local store. They could maybe get the veal for you.

          2. Wholefoods (Lomo Alto) has them!!

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              this is somewhat tangential but Victor Tango's on Henderson SERVES marrow bones, with toast and, i believe, caramelized onions

              1. re: teegee

                Fiesta! I have had them chop up shins for me many, many times. Some days they are happier to do it for me than others, and you may have to whip out some Spanish or pantomime skills.