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Oct 1, 2004 03:16 PM

Thai food in Sherman Oaks

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Has anyone been to Lannathai on Van Nuys Boulevard ? any other reccomendations for Thai food in the valley ?

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  1. Make the few minute extra drive to North Hollywood. Chiangsan on Tujunga a couple doors south of Magnolia on the westside of the street.

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    1. re: Hugh Lipton

      Hugh--How does it compare to Sanamluang Cafe?

      1. re: drewben

        My partner and I recently had lunch at Sanamluang Cafe on Sherman Way. It was the third time we went there and we just can't acquire a taste for the food there. We both though happen to love the food at Chiangsan. By the way Chiangsan has some dyanmite Thai BBQ spareribs (dry, not in a sauce). If you inquire Chiangsan will do special dishes with advance notice. Nice little neighborhood place and inexpensive prices.

        1. re: Hugh Lipton

          Thanks for the new rec, Hugh. To pester you further, how do these ribs compare to Thai N I in Tarzana, my suggestion for Ventura Blvd. Thai if you stick to the sublime BBQ.

          Thai N I: 17544 VENTURA BLVD, ENCINO, CA, (818) 783-8424

          1. re: Spoony Bard

            Have not been to the place you recommend or ask me to compare but now I will go give that place a try.

            1. re: Hugh Lipton

              Let me second the ribs at Thai 'n' I. Stick to ribs and chicken, and get them in a combo with the mee krob and, if you like greasy, but tasty, the pad thai.

        2. re: drewben
          Steve Doggie-Dogg

          Sanamluong is best for people watching very late at night. For food, other places on Sherman Way are better. I like the oxtail soup, curries and ice cream at Krua Thai and the Nua Yang with sticky rice and noodles at Khun Dang.

          How does the place on Colfax compare to Erawan across the street? Erawan has amazing BBQ shrimp on a stick and wonderful Panang Gai.

          See ya


        3. re: Hugh Lipton

          GREAT FOOD and they cook to your desire...
          this IS a very good thai restaurant
          with crushed ice in their thai tea!
          LOCATION, though is COLFAX and Magnolia
          in Noho by NHHS > 818 760 1283

          1. re: goodhaazer

            Whoops! Busted!!!! Colfax is correct. It's my office that is at Magnolia and Tujunga.

            1. re: Hugh Lipton

              Just went to Thai at Colfaz/Magnolia and it was all I was told. The pork ribs were just so so though. But the homeade green tea and thai tea ice cream RULED, and the "garlic" beef was to die for. 3 entrees, drinks, & ice cream only set me back $30 too!

        4. Lannathai is about as good as it gets in s/o. Forget anajak, charm, siam cabin, etc.

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          1. re: carter
            Steve Doggie-Dogg

            I agree that Lannathai is as good as it gets on that stretch of Ventura. But even eating by a fancy Roman public urinal isn't enticement enough to go to Lannathai when there are so many much better Thai restaurants to the north on Sherman Way. My favorites up there are Khun Dang and Krua Thai. Erawan, Jarin and Amazing Thai in NoHo are very good too.

            See ya


          2. On Saturdays and Sundays for lunch, check out Wat Thai in North Hollywood. It's a temple that hosts food vendors near the parking lot. Yummy Thai street food for cheap.

            Check the board for previous listings with more details.

            1. I've never been to the Thai places in the more northern part of the Valley. Growing up in Studio City, my favorite place was Sompun, on Ventura Place. It's not as exotic as some of the other places, but the quality is very high and they're incredibly friendly. Plus, the restaurant itself is quite pleasant inside.

              1. Anajak Thai has been around for 25 years and can make food to your own specifications/tastes.