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Jul 7, 2009 07:01 PM

Il Giardino's got me confused

I'm thinking of taking Mom to Il Giardino for her birthday because she likes the idea of the yellow house. Their website is very confusing and not informative. Can anyone help me out with whether I meant Il Giardino or Umberto's? How pricey is it? On par with la Buca? Oh, and is it any good?
Any thoughts?

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  1. It's all Il Giardino with the two houses connected. I haven't been for quite awhile but it will definitely be much pricier than la Buca which is very well positioned to be a value Italian restaurant.
    I never hear much about the food there these days as I think Umberto jumped off the star chef bandwagon when Pino left to open Cioppinos.
    Il Giardino is a beautiful restaurant and it 's great to sit in the garden on a nice evening (or close to it). Definitely a special occasion place.

    1. Got me confused too. Where's Il Giardino's? Your post is very confusing and not informative.


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        Il Giardino is in Vancouver (one of the last of the Umberto Menghi empire of restaurants, other than his places in Whistler- it is and always has been his flagship where all the stars used to -and sometimes still- go), sorry I just replied to the question without thinking this was the W. Canada forum.

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          My comment was for the OP. Sorry that you thought it was for you.


      2. Il Giardino is on 4th & 17th, but the yellow house is called Abruzzo... in Calgary, anyway.

        If your post is about Vancouver, please say so.

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          There's another yellow house up the street that used to be a consignment shop- it's next to that MASSIVE reno'ed Moxies, at about 17th and 12th SW- and they're gutting it and putting in a patio. I wonder if anybody has any idea what's happening there? If it's going to be some sort of boutique, why'd they put in a patio? My hope is that it's somehow connected to Rustic Sourdough next door, they are so busy at lunch with so little seating...

          1. re: John Manzo

            The word I got is it is going to be Mexican, hopefully good as I live in Sunalta

        2. I meant Il Giardino in Vancouver. Sorry for the upset, you think I'd know better by now. Eatrustic, that's the info I was looking for, thanks.

          1. I've always enjoyed the food and service at Il Giardino. My only complaint is that it does get very busy there so it becomes very loud. In the waiting area, people are drinking and it's quite hard to move around if you're leaving or heading to the w/c. However, you can't fault the restuarant for that, it's people not having the courtesy to move aside knowing you need to get through.

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              It's a while since I've been but I still dream about the salmon carpaccio at Il Giardino... spendy but worth it.