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Jul 7, 2009 06:58 PM

please help us decide 13 restaurants in Bmore

My husband and I are taking a staycation and have decided to go out for dinner every night, exploring new restaurants that we have not yet patronized. Below is a list of 20-odd restaurants that I have on my "to try" list that I've been keeping for a couple of years from this board since we moved here, and we need to narrow it down to 13 - one for each night of our vacation. Several obvious choices are not listed because we've already tried them, and we want to broaden our experience.

I'd like to have a nice variety of cuisines and atmospheres and price levels.

So, without further ado, here's my list - any help narrowing it down would be appreciated.

Peter's Inn
Milton Inn
Chameleon Cafe
Antrim 1844
Elkridge Furnace In
Bertha's Mussels
Black Olive
Dukem III
Spice Company
Brasserie Tatin
Cafe Zen

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  1. Charleston is Baltimore's best restaurant. Any reason it's not on the list?

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    1. re: Joe H

      "Several obvious choices are not listed because we've already tried them,"

      You can also cross Brasserie Tatin off your list.

      Dionysus I haven't really had any good experiences there, I would put it on the bubble for sure.

      1. re: Joe H

        Yes, I left out many obvious restaurants because we've already been to them.

      2. Boccaccio is closed for business, if that helps :-)

        1. I personally feel that the Black Olive is over rated. I highly rec the Antrim 1844 but its like a little over an hour away from Baltimore, don't know exactly where you are staying and if transportation is an issue. Tersguels is great. I've heard that the Milton Inn is losing it's touch. Pazo is okay, great little pizzas but loud and pricey for what you get. I thought Saffron closed or did they just lose their exec chef? I like the Chameleon. I like Abacrombie. Quite fond of Corks as well. Salt has great lil foie gras kobe sliders. I'm a sucker for the shrimp and garlic at Tio Pepes, not on the list, I'm not sure if that means you've been there or just haven't heard of it. Hopefully that helps you out

          1. From your list I would on Berttha's. It is a unique Baltimore institution but not for the food. Stop by for a drink but eat elsewhere. I would also pass on Cafe Zen unless you realy want Chinese and come from an area where the Chinese is even worse than Baltimore. I concurr with Peter's Inn, Chameleon, the Ambassador and the Milton Inn. It is hard to make additional suggestions as you have already tried the "obvious". Have fun.

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              Given the moules and frites available in the D. C. area Bertha's no longer has the appeal that it once does. Here, Beck, Central, Granville Moore's and Et Voila are all excellent, far superior to Bertha's. While we haven't been to the Black Olive in two or three years on two visits prior to this we enjoyed it a lot. I am not a fan of Bocaccio.

            2. Brasserie Tatin is closed and is now something called "La Famiglia." When we last visited the Ambassador, it was as pretty as ever, but the food was timidly spiced and I thought the prices were a bit high for what they are selling. "b" is a great choice any time, but particularly in summer when you can dine al fresco.