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Jul 7, 2009 06:14 PM

Tea egg recipe using beef broth

Years ago I had a Korean cookbook with a recipe for tea eggs. I have searched the internet and cannot find a similar recipe. The ones I am finding use tea and cinnamon. The one I am looking for uses Beef tea (made by boiling beef bones) and soy sauce. Does anyone happen to have a recipe like this? These are a bit salty and very tasty. I used to serve them with beef sukiaki and home made kimchee. MMM MMM good!

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  1. it sounds like the broth from the soup in this recipe might be close to what you're looking for - she used it to braise the eggs for her own version of tea eggs.

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      Thank you!!! I believe this is it. I am going in the kitchen right now to get cooking! ;)

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        would you believe it came up the very first time i searched? i just Googled "tea eggs beef" and...voila! let me know how it turns out!

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        My mom's version uses chicken bouillon and anise. Will have to try this

      3. Chinese Tea eggs are cooked in a tea that usually includes black tea leaves, cloves, 5-spice (though 5-spice might already include cloves), anise,with the egg shells left on, but cracked to let the dark liquid soak into the egg to form marbling designs.

        Tea eggs are different from the Lu Dan, which are boiled eggs cooked in dark soy sauce broth from a stew. These eggs are first boiled, de-shelled and then cooked with the beef or pork stew.

        The tea eggs and Lu eggs have very different tastes. Sounds like you're looking for Lu Dan recipes, not tea eggs.

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          CH to the rescue, yet again. gotta love this site! i think the confusion is due in part to the fact that the Lu Dan steeping liquid is sometimes referred to as "beef tea."