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Jul 7, 2009 06:07 PM

Malden super 88 closing? or really low on inventory?

Anyone know what is going on with the super 88 in malden? I went today and they were out of rice. COMPLETELY! The fish counter had only a few fish and a lot of the aisles were empty. One entire corner of the store was cleared out and they have obviously haven't restocked most of the place in a long time. Great deals on sauces though.
I asked the cashier and she swore they are not closing.
H Mart can't come fast enough!

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  1. No surprise about 88 Malden, drove up to HMart today....still looks like awhile till opening.

    1. I live about 5 minutes from Super 88 in Malden and thus visit 2-4 times a week. This same thing happened about 2 weeks ago. For 3 days they had no breads at all the area were they server duck and pork was closed and everything else was low in stock. I wenet home and told my wife I thought Super 88 was CLOSING.

      Then a went back and suddenly they had plenty of bread , the pork and duck area was open and the fish counter was well stocked.

      Not sure what is going on, maybe they have cut back on the number of days a week they get deliveries?

      Were is the new H Mart goingt to be?

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        H Mart is opening in Burlington on the Middlesex Turnpike.

      2. The same thing happened to me at the allston one... I think they were getting ready for construction. I took a friend who hadn't been before, and couldn't get noodles or chopsticks. It was like a bad joke.

        1. I think the company may be going through some hard financial times. They've closed three of their former six locations, and recently settled a $200k lawsuit from former employees about unpaid wages. I think all of the stores are in pretty bad shape. The Globe actually reported on this nine months ago (


          Honestly, the last time I was in the Allston store, I was pretty disgusted how far they've fallen. Rotting produce, mold on about 80% of the "fresh" noodles, and a sales floor that did indeed look like they were closing. Supposedly they're remodeling, but it's been months now and apparently it's still going on. It's a shame. I used to love the place and all its dirty little quirks, but it will take a lot to get me back in there now.

          Definitely excited about the arrival of H Mart!

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            Count me as disgusted too.

            I don't even bother anymore. We go to Kam man exclusively now.

            I went to an H-Mart in Chicago and can't tell you how impressed I was with its products and cleanliness. I absolutley will drive up there when (if) it opens.

          2. Super 88 is in very serious financial difficulties with suppliers, government, etc, do not think they will survive.