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Malden super 88 closing? or really low on inventory?

Anyone know what is going on with the super 88 in malden? I went today and they were out of rice. COMPLETELY! The fish counter had only a few fish and a lot of the aisles were empty. One entire corner of the store was cleared out and they have obviously haven't restocked most of the place in a long time. Great deals on sauces though.
I asked the cashier and she swore they are not closing.
H Mart can't come fast enough!

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  1. No surprise about 88 Malden, drove up to HMart today....still looks like awhile till opening.

    1. I live about 5 minutes from Super 88 in Malden and thus visit 2-4 times a week. This same thing happened about 2 weeks ago. For 3 days they had no breads at all the area were they server duck and pork was closed and everything else was low in stock. I wenet home and told my wife I thought Super 88 was CLOSING.

      Then a went back and suddenly they had plenty of bread , the pork and duck area was open and the fish counter was well stocked.

      Not sure what is going on, maybe they have cut back on the number of days a week they get deliveries?

      Were is the new H Mart goingt to be?

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        H Mart is opening in Burlington on the Middlesex Turnpike.

      2. The same thing happened to me at the allston one... I think they were getting ready for construction. I took a friend who hadn't been before, and couldn't get noodles or chopsticks. It was like a bad joke.

        1. I think the company may be going through some hard financial times. They've closed three of their former six locations, and recently settled a $200k lawsuit from former employees about unpaid wages. I think all of the stores are in pretty bad shape. The Globe actually reported on this nine months ago (http://www.boston.com/business/articl...


          Honestly, the last time I was in the Allston store, I was pretty disgusted how far they've fallen. Rotting produce, mold on about 80% of the "fresh" noodles, and a sales floor that did indeed look like they were closing. Supposedly they're remodeling, but it's been months now and apparently it's still going on. It's a shame. I used to love the place and all its dirty little quirks, but it will take a lot to get me back in there now.

          Definitely excited about the arrival of H Mart!

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            Count me as disgusted too.

            I don't even bother anymore. We go to Kam man exclusively now.

            I went to an H-Mart in Chicago and can't tell you how impressed I was with its products and cleanliness. I absolutley will drive up there when (if) it opens.

          2. Super 88 is in very serious financial difficulties with suppliers, government, etc, do not think they will survive.

            1. the one in malden now sells beer and wine

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                Really?! Standard stuff or any particular emphasis on Asian brands?

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                  a mix of both (tsingtao, singha, heineken, etc)

              2. Another update as I decided to post this same question tonight....

                What Asian grocer is out of soy sauce?!? I mean, how much more embarassing can it get? I was there at like 8:00 and there were zero fish (but a ton of lobster, go figure). I did get everything else that I needed OTHER than the soy sauce but had to laugh when they have absolutely zero to choose from. The noodle area is completely wiped out as well.

                This looks bad bad BBBAAADDD. gg Super 88, we shall miss thee

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                  Reading these reports is like witnessing a death by a thousand cuts!

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                    like I said they were out of rice!!! I had to buy it at stop and shop!
                    H mart will be welcomed with open arms from all of us asian families north of boston! I am really sick of driving to the Kam Man center in Quincy just to stock up on chinese/vietnamese staples.

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                      I am imagining the scene on Saturday, August 1, and wondering how it will stack up against what happened when the Chelsea Market Basket opened and the local Fire Department was making sure too many people were not in the building at the same time...

                      Yes, for some reason I do have a strong urge to be there... and I am not Asian in any way... just a fan of the food!

                  2. The South Bay 88 had hardly anything or anyone in it yesterday. And it had a very bad odor about it.

                    1. Woops, newbie here and saw the other thread.