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Via Q White Plains closed

too expensive

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  1. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Very expensive and the service was not good. I wonder if Antipasti is far behind.

    1. Let's hope they have more success cause Piave and Cafe Nosidam have both closed.

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        1. re: MRS

          Whoa.... Sorry...

          Everything this Garbuio guy has been involved in has closed!!!

          Cafe Antico - Closed
          Piave - Closed
          Café Nosidam - Closed

          He's got some track record!

      1. Cafe Antico was never one of my favorite places. The place was pretty, the food was ok but there was always something about it and we never felt good or comfortable when we ate there. It was basically mediocre with an upscale look.

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        1. No shock there. Awful food at silly prices. Next up: BLT Steak? I pray...

          Now if we could only get that ghastly Zanaro's to close down & be replaced with something decent, there might be a chance that WP would have some food worth eating for a change.

          Flame away....

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          1. re: BAFU

            How long do you think 42 is going to last Rents for those spots are extremely expensive.

            1. re: kaaaassss

              Yeah forgot about them as well. If they really had GREAT food and brought a NAMED chef in to run the joint and did away with the crap decor, they might have a shot at staying open.

              Last time I was there (for both an impromptu dinner & a benefit party), the food was just plain strange and not very abundant. Enough "modern" food, bring back some classics and for God's sake don't act all snobby about the stuff.

              Anyway, it's early and I'm cranky

            2. re: BAFU

              They have a new chef and the food is better but not great. That spot would make a great steak house. The building is nice.

              1. re: kaaaassss

                why a good spot for a steakhouse, i dont think so, i think sushi

                1. re: intrepid

                  I am told from the people at the Ritz that the 1/2 completed glass structure across from their entry circle is slated to be a Japanese " Nobu-style" restaurant...

                  1. re: MRS

                    i see, who knows what will happen with the ritz hotel itself, the white plains 'renewal project" all the planned restaurants etc etc, the ritz and the new restaurants have doom written all over them, challenging time for that whole project to be launched in

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                      Wasn't that Nobu-style restaurant suppose to open a year ago? I do give props to Louis Cappelli for revitalizing White Plains and attempting to do the same for New Rochelle and Yonkers.

                      1. re: pabboy

                        Over a year ago Pabboy. In at least one of the stories posted here.

              2. Somewhere on this board is my posting from one of my worst dinners ever- at Piave. We took people out for my husband's birthday there and it was terrible from start to finish. It wasn't intended that we were going to treat for dinner, everyone was going to spilt it, but the dinner and service was so bad, I felt compelled to pick up the tab b/c I i felt our friends had been tortured enough.

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                1. re: MRS

                  While I sort of agree with you about Piave, right now you are comparing Apples to nothing.
                  My POV is that we have to see just what, if anything (see posting below) developes in this spot, let alone the rest of WP.

                  1. re: Jon1856

                    Ok, you may be right...but that was one poorly run restaurant and one very expensive dinner for what it was. All I am saying is, sadly, he doesn't have a very solid track record. But, it could end up being a great place and I am curious to see what will become of it!

                2. Cappellis ritzy restaurant a casualty of economy
                  WHITE PLAINS - One of the city's white-linen restaurants quietly disappeared over the weekend, a painful sign of the times for this regional retail capital and for the developer who helped rebuild it.................

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                    All of the Capelli restaurants attached to the Ritz are a disaster. The glass "nobu" style restaurant never got off the ground and now is an eyesore on that corner. 42 is struggling and BLT is no longer associated with the chain...I would not be surprised if the Ritz became a Marriott or other hotel chain in the near future....

                    1. re: Jon1856

                      Not sure just what happened to link:

                      And as for the "Nobu" style:"For both the city and Cappelli, the reversal of fortune has been sudden: A year ago, Cappelli said he would open a restaurant patterned after Nobu - which would have been his fourth in the city - in the glass beehive of a building he was erecting beside his Ritz towers. Construction stopped a few months after it began."

                    2. Via Quadronno Closed; New Classic Trattoria to Take its Place
                      Via Quadronno in White Plains closed over July 4th weekend. It will reopen in three weeks as a classic trattoria under new management and a new name, which has not yet been decided, according to a press release from the public relations firm Thompson & Bender........

                      1. LoHuds' Liz just posted this on Twitter (and online as well):
                        Altamura Trattoria & Pizza Bar Coming To White Plains in September