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Jul 7, 2009 05:26 PM

Atria Restaurant Edgartown

Going to the Vineyard next week. Heard from friends that Atria is "New York" good and not to be missed. Anyone with any first hand experiences/opinions here?

If you do not agree with their assessment, what do you suggest? Looking for that special place...

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  1. I have never had a bad experience at Atria, but I know of some who have. Not sure what you mean by New York good, but it is considered one of the best places on the island and has remained so over the years, which is not an easy thing on the Vineyard. The prices are similar to the New York prices I encountered on my last trip to NY in April, so that will seem familiar, at least. They feature locally grown food, as do all of the restaurants these days, and some amazing drinks, and I have always enjoyed their basement pub, which is intimate and cozy. Service can be iffy and parking is sometimes a bit of a challenge in the summer months, but come with a relaxed attitude, and you should be fine. Other suggestions for some very good food and a unique Vineyard experience include L'Etoile in Edgartown and The Sweet Life in Oak Bluffs. You will not find fresher seafood, more delicious fresh vegetables and a more beautiful setting anywhere, in my opinion, than on the island of Martha's Vineyard.

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      Hi MVI, I was hoping you'd respond.

      The "New York Good" comment I made was a quote by my friends, who lived in NYC for years, and ate at all the top rated restaurants often. They said that if Atria MV was in NYC, it would be their third favorite restaurant in the city.

      Thanks for the other suggestions. Unless others report back with negative things to say, we'll be hitting up Atria.

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        Have fun and let us know how you like it. You can also consider stopping into L'Etoile afterwards where there is a small bar. You can have an after dinner drink and check out the atmosphere, if not the food.

    2. I concur with MVI. I mostly hear complaints about prices when it comes to the island restaurants. It's all relative I suppose. And, for its size, there are more good places to eat here than anywhere else I've ever been and none that I feel are horrible. Atria is in my top ten (maybe 5). I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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        Top 10 on the island or overall? What are your top two favorite places on MV?

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          Top ten on MVI. My 2 faves? I feel L'Etoile is the best, becuase it probably is, but Beach Plum Inn adds the setting,view and warmth of service to the excellent cookery. It exudes the real island charm. Have to bring wine though, while L'Etoile has the best list on MV. They both have websites, too

      2. NYC chowhound who spends a lot of time on island.. Atria has a great 2 for 1 burger deal at the bar on Sundays. That is all I have ever eaten there and loved it. Good wine by the glass list too. I had a surprisingly good, although not as 'upscale' as they'd like to think, Italian meal at Cesca two weeks ago. I also love upstairs at Alchemy - steak tartare and truffle frites. NY-ers like Detente, though I find their menu hit or miss and don't love their wine list. Looking forward to trying L'etoile when I am back in two weeks. I also like the Friday Happy Hour oyster special in OB at The Oyster House. Didn't a new Italian open in the Charlotte House - A Relais and Chateau inn?

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          Thanks for this info! Just a quick comment or two. It is actually Chesca's- yes, a fun place with very good food. It can get crowded and crazy, but that is part of the Vineyard scene in the summer, and it's just to be expected. The Italian place at the Charlotte Inn is called
          Il Tesoro. Have not been but no doubt, it is good. The Charlotte Inn is very special. (Also, I am going to toss this into the mix- the best desserts on the island are at Mediterranean where Lola's used to be. If you go out for dinner somewhere else and feel like going dancing afterwards, skip dessert, go over to Mediterranean and have dessert there. You can dance off all of the calories and have some fun, too. ) And yes, that raw bar special at The Oyster Bar is a real crowd pleaser! Yum. In this economy, we all love a deal over here!

        2. Reporting back.

          Atria was the perfect restaurant for a rare night out. Due to the fact that we bar hopped for a few cocktails before getting to Atria, we only had room for entrees and we both were blown away by ours. I had the Braised Lamb shank and my DC had the surf and turf. Well worth the $35 price point. The restaurant is beautiful inside and the service was on top of everything.

          Afterwards, we stopped at Mediterranean for dessert - dense chocolate cake (thanks MVI!) with a couple of scoops of their homemade ice cream. It was more than enough for two and very rich and sinful.

          Wanted to comment on a few other favorite stops we made during the week: seafood at Net Result (Great frozen stuffed scallops!), Sweet E's Cupcakes in Vineyard Haven (high quality cupcakes, some of the best I have had), Chilmark Chocolates (excellent flavor combos and very high end chocolate), and the Tisbury Farmers Market.

          Also gotta give a shout out to Joey's Pizza (takeout only) in Oak Bluffs. This is run by a member of the Santarpio family and he uses the same recipe as Santarpios in East Boston. Not quite as good as you get in Eastie, but I imagine it's better than a most of places on the island.

          I also have to mention that we were two blocks from MV Gourmet Bakery's Back Door Doughnuts. What a little gem for late night gluttony! Our big group probably sampled everything they had to offer. The best by far - the warm Apple Fritter and warm glazed chocolate doughnut. Although, waking up in the AM after eating too many greasy sweets like that is not too much fun.

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            I am so intrigued by these Vineyard threads. And what is turning into an ongoing debate with Thos and MVI. First, I will have to check out Atria next trip over in a couple of weeks. The last time I was there, a number of years ago, it made my don't go back to list. For thos, re: L'etoile. I really have to disagree, and we've been agreeing on many things. L'Etoile was never really that good when they were at the Charlotte Inn. The chef had the same menu, without variance for at least 10 years. It never changed-I nearly have it memorized, Dover Sole, a picked out Lobster dish, rack of lamb, squab, and always an out of season soft shell crab special appetizer. The chef took the same menu when he moved out to his new spot. Without the great space, and still with almost the same menu, I don't have L' Etoile in my MVI top 5 anymore. Not even close. And it remains, I think the most expensive. What made L'Etoile for me was the ambience, the comfort factor. It's a great space. That's why I am looking forward to trying Il Tesoro.

            I also can't let go by a comment comparing any Vineyard restaurant to the best in New York. Sorry. There is no way any Vineyard place makes even the top 200, hell, the top 500 in New York. Please be serious. There are a couple of places that might make a top 10 list in NYC for best views though. (Beach Plum and Outermost).

            Just for the record, and to stir up more debate, my top three Vineyard restaurants, last 2 years, and food only, are: 1-Detente, 2. Sweet Life, 3 Beach Plum.

            I am back on island in a couple of weeks. And because of these threads, I am really looking forward to revisiting a couple of places, Mediterranean and Atria, and checking out the new ones, especially the new places in the old Cornerway, Ice House and L'Etoile spaces, whatever their names are. I will take copious notes and post, if I can make wi-fi work somehow in Chilmark.