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Jul 7, 2009 05:23 PM

Good Chinese restaurant in Metro Vancouver?

Hello, we will be going to Vancouver for 3 days (arriving Monday night and leaving Thursday morning from Toronto) to visit and I was wondering where in metro vancouver is there good chinese food? I am from Toronto, where there is a lot of good chinese eateries, but Im not so sure about Vancouver.

I will be staying in the Richmond area, particularly the Quality Hotel on Westminster Highway.

Could anymore reccommend me a place?

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  1. Surprised to hear that you are unaware of the large Chinese food scene on the west coast, especially in Richmond BC.

    Some similar threads here and previous mentions of good options:

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      Chowdog, you are in for a treat! Check out shoku_tsu's threads and then repost about which restos appeal. There are some real Chinese food experts around here that can help you hone your decision (I am not one of them). You can eat a different style of Chinese cuisine for each meal you are here, if you like.

    2. shoku tsu pointed you to the right threads. Richmond BC is almost a mirror of Richmond Hill or Markham. Toronto's Chinese scene is excellent...perhaps better than Vancouver/Richmond's these days. Toronto probably has the top dim sum place in North America in Lai Wa Heen. If you regularly eat Chinese food in Toronto's suburbs, then the Chinese food here might not be so special. However, Vancouver/Richmond's seafood based Chinese cuisine is still pretty hard to beat especially during certain seasons - spot Prawn and King Crab, for example.

      I seem to recall Toronto didn't have a true Hunan restaurant...if that is still true, you might want to try Alvin Garden in Burnaby....quite a distance from your hotel.