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Jul 7, 2009 05:18 PM

Pizza in Rome

I am looking for an opinion about the best pizza ikn Rome from the following four recommendations from friends (who live in Venice however). I only have one pizza meal set aside, and its a lunch. Therestaurants are Pizza Re, Antico Forno Roscioli, La Poeta, and Baffetto....Thanks....

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  1. In general, pizzerias, including Da Poeta and Baffetto, in Rome are only open in the evenings. An except is Pizza Re. Antico Forno Roscioli is not a pizzeria but a bakery that has pizzas by the slice but not whole pizzas with different toppings that one can eat sitting down.

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      The best pizza in Venice is Il Refolo which is entirely different from Baffeto which is the best thin crust Roman pizza. Each is outstanding in their own way.

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        Baffeto, upstairs, late at night, is pretty good. Sauce, cheese and crust are in harmony. It's a pizza joint so don't expect frills (or a big bill). Go with a good attitude and you should leave with a smile. The house red is serviceable if you don't like beer.

    2. Pizza and lunch traditionally don't go together, as the wood burning oven is not operated during lunch hours. What PBSF said is 100% right. Pizza Re is a chain and I would never go there, but then again I live here and can choose. An alternative: Pizzarium, close to the Vatican Museums (Metro Cipro). It is a al taglio (by the slice) place and it is not Roman thin crust, but it is one of the best piza here. The dough is a sourdough that ferments for 72 hrs, so has a lot of flavor - and you get a lot of dough. The toppings are all select, seasonal, the very best producer, etc. I strongly suggest this place. Not a sit down place, though.

      1. We fell in love with Pizza Magi, a tiny placenear the Borghese gallery at Via Salaria N. 70, phone 06-855-0203. It's a by the slice place. They do a 72 hour slow rise dough that is out of this world! Definitely worth finding them.

        1. Baffetto's "sister" restaurant, Montecarlo on via Savelli, will be open for lunch and you can sit down. There is a antipasto buffet, and you can get a pizza with a friend egg in the center just like at Baffetto.

          1. I have to admit that I find both Baffetto and Montecarlo overrated. I know they're in every guide book, and yes, I know any number of people who will take the long waits (and abuse from Baffetto, which is all for show, but tedious rather than entertaining). But when you finally get the pizza, is it worth the hassle? Not in ,my book, it's not.

            In the same area I would have a pizza at Fiammetta, on Piazza Fiammetta just above piazza Navona. Great neighborhood place that hasn't changed it's menu in 40 years. It's a great place for othe Roman spacialities too, like puntarelle salad and sautéed agretti (in season) or trippa alla romana, long simmered tripe.

            My hands down favorite pizza in Rome is at La Vecchia Conca (via Carlo Alberto 26, near Santa Maria Maggiore and Termini station). Wafer-thin, Roman-style crust, with only a handful of light toppings. It may not be the pizza that everyone is looking for, but it hits the spot for me every time.

            Finally, hands down the best pizza al taglio (by the slice) is at Roscioli (at Il forno, the bakery - not their restaurant - via dei Chiavari, 34, a few steps from Campo de' Fiori). Always perfect crust with the right balance between chewy and crisp. But keep in mind they close by 7:30, and will have run out of even basic pizza rossa well before then.