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Jul 7, 2009 05:09 PM

Tin Fish review - Port St. Lucie

I just wanted to write a posiitive review on Tin Fish. I come from New England and I have not had luck in finding decent fish and chips and chowder. I have to say that this is the best that I have had in this area. Their chowder (white) is homemade. There is almost no grease on the fried foods....owner says that oil is changed daily. The portions are good. Tin Fish is on Port St. Lucie Blvd. in a plaza and they opened about three weeks ago. I didn't try them yet, but was told by another that their fish tacos are terrific as well. The only iffy thing was the crab cakes.....if you have been to Baltimore and eaten real crab cakes....these are nowhere in the same league and you might be disappointed. The service was great, too.

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  1. I haven't eaten at Tin Fish in PSL yet but my wife did and she said the fish tacos were outstanding. I value her opinion as she's an accomplished cook, owns a catering company and is a bona-fide foodie that attends several "foodie" events each year. As for changing oil daily, not likely as that's just too expensive to do and you need the oil to "flavor up" which is a benefit to the food. Knowing WHEN to change the oil is the key! Hope this place does well as it's NOT in an ideal place.


    1. Anyone tknow the address or the general cross-street?

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        If traveling from US 1 west on PSL Blvd., it is after Floresta and just before Airoso...on the right in that plaza.

        He did say oil changed every day.......whether that is so, I just do not know.

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          The owner might say that....but check the price of vegetable and peanut oil (by the gallon) at your grocery store and you'll understand why no restaurant would spend over $100 per day to change oils.....That's BS!.....Nonetheless, hope that restaurant does well in that location....EVERY restaurant that's been in that particular spot in that particular strip mall has failed......Location, location, location.....


      2. Sir - After salivating over the chance to have a fish taco just like out west (i.e. Rubio's - a chain in Arizona) I talked my dear friend into taking me to the Tin Fish for dinner. The restuarant was easy to find. very clean and an easy to read menu. I ordered the calamari (good just fried without any taste in the breading) with tartar sauce and some sort of red shrimp sauce - good but not outstanding.... still waiting for my cod taco - boy what a disappointment - first of all NEVER put orange cheese or any cheese for that matter on a fish taco. The cod was cooked well, the flour tortilla good, a thin layer of "Salsa?" on top, (no flavour), no great white sauce for the cabbage, no lime, no addtional salsa on the side and no addtional condiments except Tin Fish hot sauce which was not a good addition to the taco.. I left sad, full but sad. I had such high hopes - I don't think I will be going back - is it so hard to find and make a true fish taco!
        Guess I have to go back to the Baja, California or Arizona -

        1. We have been to the Tin Fish twice now and both times we had delicious meals and great service. Our first trip, we tried the Fish & Chips, very good. A must try. I sampled the chowder, delicious. They have Gold Peak Green Tea, it is fantastic, you have to try the button in the upper right hand corner. The cole slaw is AWSOME! (I am extremely picky about cole slaw.)The fries are waffled and seasoned.........yummy! Tonight's trip we tried Fresh Butter fried Snapper for one of us and the other had grilled Haddock. Excellent!! I had a side of onion rings with mine, also very good. We were convinced (it wasn't hard trust me) to have dessert.......Godiva Chocolate Cheese Cake......OMG, that was good!!!!! Wow was that good. I had esspresso with it, also a good choice. The restaurant was getting steady business, while we were there, so we saw many other dishes come out; fresh made Chips and Salsa, Fish Tacos, a couple of Bacon & Bleu Cheese Burgers and an appetizer called Kaboom Shrimp; a definite must have for our next trip . They went right by our table, we couldn't miss a one as they went by. They all smelled incredible, so we have decided, we are going to eat our way through the menu each time we go back. The staff is very friendly and they make you feel very much at home. I really like this place and I think you will too. Give it try!