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Jul 7, 2009 03:40 PM

Best Prepared Grocery Store Chicken to Go?

Seems every supermarket chain has their own version of already prepared rotisserie or fried chicken ready to go. My personal favorite fried chicken (if it's just made then) is from Ralph's Market. Best rotisserie chicken is from Costco. I've tried other store brands but these are the ones I like. I've heard Stater Bros. is pretty good? Any thoughts?

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  1. Costco is both the best chicken and the best price.

    1. I like the rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods - several seasoning options available and they keep them coming all day.

      1. Whole Foods' cooked chickens used to be one of my frequent weekday dinners, but I don't like them as much since they changed suppliers from Rocky. We like Vallarta's a lot...totally different and smaller, but pretty tasty $10 or so dinner (whole chicken, rice, beans, tortillas, salsa). We do think they vary from store to store somewhat.

        1. If you're near Henrys, they have a very fine rotisserie chicken, as good as Costco. They move fast and taste luscious. Great for a quick meal. Reasonable priced. You can make stock from the bones afterwards.

          1. Gelson's (Century City) had great roti chicken for $8.99. I just had a Costco chicken this weekend, and while it is a better deal, it is not nearly as or reheated.

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              I'm a fan of the Gelson's Lemon Herb chicken myself. Fantastic, and perfect every time.