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Jul 7, 2009 03:24 PM

Best CT restaurant with a view


I was just wondering what you think is the best restaurant in Connecticut with a view. I love Hopkins Inn because the view of lake waramaug (sp?) is so stunning. Is there anything else that ranks as high (view wise)?

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  1. IF you want a view and lobster - -head to Abbots - its a seasonal, picnic style setting - BUt great setting on a CT shoreline marina view

    there is also a great on the river place in Haddam - also casual - Blue Oar

    then there is a fun spot in Stonington on the water - - I have to go look up the name again - I only get there once in awhile as it is a hike

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      You're probably thinking of Skipper's Dock. They do have a great view but the food is mediocre. Another spot with a nice view is Dock and Dine in Old Saybrook but there food is average as well.

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        yes yes - it is Skippers Dock - I agree the food is average - their Sun breakfast is better I think though - maybe because it is less of a crowd on a Sun morning - they seem to get overwhelmed there - great place to enjoy the sun setting over the water though!

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          dock and dine served my husband a piece of tuna a couple of years ago that I could only call a "baboon heart". it was disgusting!!

      2. ON20 in Hartford when its open. Beautiful view of the Ct River and best food in the state

        1. I guess this needs revisiting every once in a while. I asked a similar question here, but it was New Haven centric.
          Also info here since you mentioned Hopkin's Inn:

          1. Just posted a review of Brasserie Pip in Ivoryton yesterday (with pics). It's not an ocean or waterfront view, but the garden view from the porch was quite beautiful.

            I'd say most important (to me) is a combination of great food in a beautiful setting. I love the Saybrook Point area, but would not bother eating at Dock & Dine as there are so many better places for food.

            Oh, hey, speaking of that area...we've only stopped for drinks at Terra Mar (Inn at Saybrook Point), but the view of the marina is nice and their menu is very tempting. It's on our list of new places to try. Anyone have feedback/details on meals eaten there? Bring your walking shoes and take a walk across the causeway before you eat. It's a beautiful area and we walk there all the time.

            And I agree with you about Lake Waramaug (simply gorgeous), but have never eaten at Hopkins Inn--have only gone to the winery and rode our bikes around the lake...which reminds me...there used to be another actual waterfront (casual) place right on the lake. I went with my mom a few years back and sat right on the water. Does anyone know the place I mean? Obviously, that view is great, too! I took a quick look and couldn't find it. Maybe it's not there anymore.

            Oh! In the summertime when outside seating is available, check out Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret. The patio area with umbrellas outside the big barn is so pretty, I actually have a framed print of it hanging in my hall. In fact, the print looks very much like the first image on this page...and as you're sitting, you can look out into the vineyards (and stroll through before or after your lunch). Gorgeous vista! And it's one of my favorite restaurants in CT. We usually try to get out there for my mom's b'day in August and during the winter holiday season. Advance reservations here (secured with a credit card) are imperative.

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              Lake Warramug: Could it be Boulders Inn, on the west side of the lake?

              1. re: Scargod

                No, this place was super casual. Maybe it's just not there anymore. I looked around and nothing rang a bell. In the name of chowhounding, we may just have to take a ride and find out!

                But Boulders Inn belongs on this list, too (good call). I've never eaten there, but the menu looks great and you know the view is superb. Have you been by chance? How are the prices (if you have to ask you can't afford it?!)? I notice they're missing from the menu.

              2. re: kattyeyes

                I went to Sharpe Hill for the first time last Friday and was very impressed. I didn't eat at the restaurant, as we were going to Still River Cafe afterward, but the smells coming out of the kitchen were good enough that I'm definitely going back to eat soon (though it will be difficult to be in that area and not eat to Still River Cafe).
                I agree completely that it is a beautiful place. The wine was also great. Easily the best in the state. The staff was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. The prices were also very reasonable.

                1. re: danieljdwyer

                  So very glad to hear, daniel. Would love to hear your comments re Still River Cafe. Here's a link to a recent thread on their Friday night prix-fixe menu. Please share your experience. SRC is on my list of places to try:

                  Edit: P.S. If you haven't seen it before, I hope you found the Frog Bridge, too. Aw, heck, even if you've seen it dozens of times, I love that bridge! :

              3. At Lake Waramaug, The Boulders Inn has much better food than Hopkins, although Hopkins has a touch better view.

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                  Uncledave, is the casual spot that was right on the lake gone now? And do you have any idea of an approximate price range for entrees at The Boulders Inn? Their menu looks fab, but lists no prices.

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    The Boulder's is on the pricey end for sure. Well worth it. I liked the food and facility so much I had my wedding there 5 years ago (25 people) -- including the rehearsal dinner the night before. They were perfect - not one complaint.

                    There's a more casual place just down the street from the lake -- not ON it -- called Oliva's. I've never been but always heard consistently good things about it. It's Mediterranean /Italian.

                    A great day at the lake is to hit the little state park and sit by the shore on the beach. Rent a boat. Then hit Hopkins for a wine tasting and maybe a drink on the patio. Then dinner at Boulder's. (Or make it an overnight at Boulder's!).