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Jul 7, 2009 03:21 PM

Source of Vintage Kitchen Wares?

I was recently in San Francisco, and came across an amazing little shop packed with old and used kitchen tools, pots, knives, books, housewares, etc.
I found shelf full of great vintage enameled iron pots, which is something I'd like, but I couldn't bring one with me.
Does anyone here know of any places in the GTA to find old cooking tools like this?

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  1. Some of the mid-century modern antique stores along Queen Street East in Leslieville have the odd piece of vintage enamelware, such as Copco and the like. The selection is always changing, so you never know what you'll find, but it might be worth an exploratory stroll. I'd start at the Rogue Gallery (733 Queen East) and head eastbound. There's a bunch of cool places to eat in the 'hood too.

    1. I realize you want to stay within the GTA, but for anything other than cast iron skillets I like looking on eBay.

      1. There's Sasmart in Kensington Market across the street from Bellevue park, just west of Augusta. It's a bit hard to describe. Everything is "new" but the stuff seems to be remaindered/surplus goods from the 60s, 70s and up to today. They have cookware, utensils, and lots of tableware. It's like rummaging through a friend's parents' kitchen cabinets. Very reasonably priced, without the vintage store markup. While there be sure to say hi to 'Cino (as in Cappuccino), the owners' super cute dog.

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          I checked this place out, but they didn't have much. I found the prices to be quite high, in fact. Interesting shop, nonetheless.

        2. I've seen some of that stuff at the St. Lawrence Antique Market on Sundays. Value Village is always good for some of that stuff, even though you have to dig. Some pieces at JAWS antiques at Queen E. and Greenwood and you can check the stores on Queen West, between Sorauren and Roncesvalles.

          1. You could try Mrs. Huizenga's on Roncesvalles. Great little shop! I've found loads of things there. There are also a few other vintage/antique shops on Queen West at the foot of Roncesvalles.

            But, be careful coming down here - as much as I adore my neighbourhood, it's currently undergoing some major construction. All the shops are open but there's no southbound TTC service along Roncey. Easily walkable from Dundas West station, though (or north from Queen)

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              Oh, I know! I live on Indian Rd. It's gonna be like this for awhile :-(