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Jul 7, 2009 03:21 PM

Where can I buy Virginia peanuts?

Does anyone know of a store or vendor in the area that sells Virginia peanuts? I recall there possibly being a vendor at the King's Street Farmer's Market that sells them but I'm not sure. I need to give them as a gift and I don't have time left to order them over the internet.


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  1. There is a store called the Virginia Shop (about a block off King St. across from Ben & Jerry's) that carries them. They also carry VA wines but check the price before you buy. You can get it for less elsewhere.

    Virginia Shop
    104 S Union St, Alexandria, VA

    1. Balducci's in Old Town (Franklin St) also sells VA peanuts in the snack section of the store.

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        These are excellent, I usually give these out as gifts. They might be "The Peanut Shop" brand.

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          Balducci's in Bethesda does, too, as well as Whole Foods.

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          I have to +1 this, I have always had great luck with the Balducci's VA peanuts, and I like that you can get them in various sized containers.

          600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

        3. I'm not positive but I might have seen them at a Whole Foods, I think the P St one.

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            I tried them recently for the first time. They are great. What makes them Virginia Peanuts other than that's where they are grown mostly? I was told that they are just a larger peanut. To me it seems like more than that. Maybe in the cooking/roasting??? Anyway I haven't been able to find them in the Baltimore area. I'm crossing my fingers that Whole Foods carries them!

          2. I've seen them in canisters in all the Wegmans in the area

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              There are a number of different brands of Virginia peanuts almost all of which are "blistered." I must note here that Trader Joe sells "blister peanuts" and I have NEVER found a fresh peanut in the many times I have bought them.

              I personally believe that Virginia peanuts are the best in the world. (sorry for the hyperbole...) It's possible that the best Virginia peanuts are the ones which are most recently roasted. Still, there are several brands that I've found (excepting the Williamsburg Peanut Shoppe which is now sold up and down the East Coast) that have over time been exemplery. These include Royal Oak:
              and Hub's peanuts: There are other brands that I've had over the years but both of these have proven to be consistently excellent. I've actually given Royal Oak peanuts (and Eagle Ranch Pistachios from New Mexico) as Christmas gifts to friends and clients for many years.

            2. I believe that Rodman's stores carry "The Peanut Shop" brand. Try the Rodman's on Wisconsin Avenue or their gourmet shop near White Flint Mall off Nicholson Lane. These peanuts are fresh, fat, and excellent tasting.