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Jul 7, 2009 02:51 PM

Lucali Temporarily Closed

Lucali had a minor fire last night (thankfully no one was hurt) and may be closed for a week or so.

The good news is that they may take this time to finish their back garden.

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  1. but they are going to open in south slope!!!

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      1. re: Amy Mintzer

        It's was on Eater. You should do a search on their site.

    1. Anyone heard an update on Lucali's reopening?

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        1. re: sabrina0

          We ate there last night -- it's open again. No back garden seating yet.

          1. re: jmh

            thanks! the news didn't come through on my blogs for some reason :)

            1. re: sabrina0

              First Totonno’s and now Lucali, I hope this doesn’t portend heightened scrutiny from the DOH (or whomever regulates the food industry) on restaurants that use coal or brick ovens. Glad to see no one was hurt and they’re back in business.