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Jul 7, 2009 02:33 PM

Chef et al Portland

Does anyone know what happened to this place?

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  1. According to the Portland Food Map they went out of business"

    "Chef et al. went out of business in May 2009. They billed themselves as a "casual New England bistro". To learn more about Chef et al. read this profile from The Maine Switch (4/16/2008)"

    I guess they were not doing the business needed. Some people complained about the location.

    I only read their statement of purpose off their website and remember it sounded a bit odd, something about the customers being integral to the business like employees.

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      Oh, I must have missed it on the food map site. Thank you for telling me. I went there a few times and just found the food too sweet for my taste but I had heard some very positive things from others.